15 Easy Fix For A Wooden Floor Scratch|Expert Guide

Easy Fix For A Wooden Floor Scratch
Easy Fix For A Wooden Floor Scratch

How To Fix Scratch Wood Floor: Are you looking for easy fix strategies for a wooden floor scratch? here is a quick 15 steps guide for an amateur.

Wood floors that are well-maintained contribute to the beauty of your house. Scratches on wood floors, on the other hand, might impair the room’s pristine appearance. Minor scratches are practically hard to avoid with dogs and small children, but furniture accidents and high foot activity can result in deep indents. Water damage, mold, and wood-eating insects can all leave unattractive markings.

The level of the damage decides which approach is ideal for dealing with wood floor scratches. While modern materials such as solid wood and engineered wood floors are significantly more sturdy and resilient to the rigors of daily living, Nonetheless, accidents do occur.

If you find a scratch in your nicely polished wood floor, you may be wondering how to repair it without hiring an expensive repairman.

Additionally, we’ll examine the recommended process for repairing wooden floor scratches, the tools required to take care of a wood floor, the different types of wood floor scratches, and how to keep a wood floor from getting damaged again.

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What Is a Wood Floor Scratch?

A wood floor scratch occurs when something is purposefully or unintentionally used to scrape away the finished top layer of a wood floor, exposing the wood underneath. A wooden floor scratch can be repaired by simply covering the scratch and dent to hide the underlying wood.

What Are The Types Of Wood Floor Scratches?

Wood floor scratches differ by the type of damage or scratch. Majorly, the type of wood floor scratches include:

  • Surface Scratches: This is also known as a scratch on the surface, which is a superficial scratch that only affects the top layer of a wooden floor.
  • Lighter Scratches: This specific scratch extends below the surface and into the wood, which is located under the covered layer.
  • Deeper Scratches: This scratch is the deepest and occasionally the hardest of all. It is advised to employ a professional to fix it. It entails removing the finish off the wood surface, repairing it, and giving it a fresh coat of paint. Sanding the surfaces and wooden infill is required. Deeply scratched wood flooring may wind up being replaced.

How Do I Repair Wood Floor Scratches?

Knowing the type of damage you have is vital because not all wood floor scratches are challenging to repair. Anyone planning to fix a wood floor scratch, either on their own or with a professional’s assistance, should ask pertinent questions.

What Type Of Wood Scratch Is This?, What’s the Type Of Wood Was Used For The Wood Floor?, What Are The Necessary Materials Needed To Take Care Of The Wood Floor? and How Can A Wooden Floor Scratch Be Prevented From Occurring Again?

#1. What Type Of Wood Scratch

Is the wood scratch a surface scratch, lighter or deeper scratch?

#2. What Type Of Wood Was Used For The Wood Floor?

The type of wood also plays a role in the decision-making process because you cannot use the same approach to mend engineered wood as you would unpolished wood. The techniques utilized to repair the scratch on that specific wood floor depend on the type of wood used for the flooring. You must determine whether the wood is damaged or the finishing is bad.

Equally important is to ascertain the extent of the damage before proceeding. So before you start treatment on the wood floor, figure out the type of wood used in order to fix the scratch properly and correctly.

#3. What Are The Necessary Materials Needed To Fix A Scratch On A Wooden Floor?

Depending on the scratch, different materials are required, however, the following are the ones that are generally required:

  • Water
  • Wood putty
  • Sand Putty Knife with Paper 
  • Protective Layer Wax for wood, or an equivalent protective coating.
  • A fresh piece of clothing or a towel, preferably one made of microfibre or an extremely soft fabric.

#4. How Can A Scratch On A Wooden Floor Be Prevented From Occurring Again?

  • Always take off your shoes before walking on a wooden floor, and keep damp shoes off the floor by putting them in a cabinet. Avoid walking on the wood floor in pointed heels.
  • Place entry mats on the inside and outside of doors at all times to minimize the quantity of dirt that enters the house.
  • To prevent furniture from scratching the surface of the wood floor, use felt pads when moving furniture.
  • Always Try to maintain the wood floor by cleaning it frequently with a broom, vacuum, and rag. If the wood floor you use comes with a cleaning kit, be sure to use the kit designed for that wood floor.
  • Avoid using chairs with rollers, but if you do, install a roller cup or place a mat under the chair to prevent scratches on the wood floor.
  • Always use mats and rugs, especially in areas where furniture is kept; this helps to prevent noise and damage. You may also use rug cushions or pads underneath rugs to prevent scratches on wood floors.
  • A house’s exterior is just as significant as its interior. Your home’s exteriors, especially the entryways, should be clean and clear of any trash, sand, or other obstructions. Additionally, the back door entrance into the house needs to be kept neat and tidy.
  • To prevent scratches, keep kitchen tools and equipment out of children’s reach.
  • Every three to five years, refinish the wood floor as much as you can.

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How To Fix Wood Flooring Superficial Scratches

Superficial scratches are those that have merely breached your wood floor’s protective covering or finish. These shallow scratches are readily repaired since the top surface is your first line of defense against scratches.

Materials: Water, floor cleaner, soft cloths, and either wood wax or matching protective coating. 

  1. Clean the scratch and immediate area. Use a soft cloth and some floor cleaner to make sure the area is free of dust, dirt, and debris.
  2. Wipe clean. Use another soft cloth and some water to wipe off any excess floor cleaner and wait until it is completely dry.
  3. Apply to coat. Using either a wood wax stick or your preferred protective coating, gently apply to the scratch, making sure it has been completely filled.
  4. Buff the area. Once the coating has dried, gently buff the area with a clean, soft cloth. This will smooth out the replacement coating and restore shine.

How To Fix Minor Scratches On Wood Floors

Minor scratches are scrapes or cuts in the protective top layer that have harmed the wood beneath. Don’t worry, as, with superficial scratches, these may be fixed reasonably quickly with a little care. In this case, “The Magic Eraser is your best buddy when it comes to surface markings. This works exceptionally well with engineered wood.”

Material: Water, floor cleaner, soft cloths, steel wool, fine-grade sandpaper, and wood wax repair sticks.

  1. Clean the scratch and immediate area. Use a soft cloth and some floor cleaner to make sure the area is free of dust, dirt, and debris.
  2. Wipe clean. Use another soft cloth and some water to wipe off any excess floor cleaner and wait until it is completely dry.
  3. Use your steel wool. Gently rub the steel wool over the scratch, remember to only ever rub WITH the grain of the wood, not against it.
  4. Blend with sandpaper. Use the sandpaper to buff the edges of the scratch and the immediate area around it, so it will blend in with the rest of the floor.
  5. Apply wax. Gently apply the wax stick to the area and make sure the scratch is covered. Leave for ten minutes.
  6. Buff the area. Use a soft cloth to gently buff the area. If necessary, add a layer of new protective coating and buff it out.

How To Fix Major Scratches On Wood Floors

Gouges that go deep into the wood board is classified as major scratches. These are unattractive and detract from the aesthetics of a floor. Unfortunately, this may necessitate the use of a professional, since it will almost certainly need to be re-sanded and polished. Make it clear if you have actual wood or engineered wood flooring with a wood finish, as engineered wood can only be sanded once.

Scratch marks on a polyurethane floor

If you have a scratch on your polyurethane-covered floor, the repairing procedure is slightly different.

Material: Scouring pad, soft cloth, mineral spirits, polyurethane. For deeper scratches, you will need wood putty and sandpaper. 

  1. Lightly moisten your scouring pad with mineral spirits. Once your pad is moist, gently rub over the scratched area.
  2. Wipe clean. Wipe off any excess with a clean cloth and allow to dry.
  3. If it is a deep scratch, apply wood putty. If superficial, go to step 5. Add your wood putty into the scratch or gouge and let harden.
  4. Sand smooth. Sand to a smooth finish.
  5. Apply a fresh coat of polyurethane.

Under no circumstances should you ever use a wax or wax coating to fix a polyurethane floor.

In a situation, you need to replace the scratched wood floor completely here is an article that will help decide on the color hardwood floor to go for. 

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Fix A Scratch On A Wooden Floor

How Can Scratch On A Wooden Floor Scratch Be Prevented? 

  • Keep Shoes away from wooden floors
  • Make sure to put down mats at the door
  • Try to use felt pads under furniture
  • Clean your wooden floors regularly
  • Avoid chairs that come with rollers 
  • Always make use of mats and rugs
  • Try to always tidy up the outside of the home

What are the best techniques to fix a scratch on a wooden floor?

As stated, the type of scratch determines the methods or procedures. For minor scratches, the method stipulated above is a guideline.  But for Deeper scratches, it is advisable to call an expert to assist but if you can do it following the guidelines precisely then why not

Can a wooden floor scratch be fixed without the help of a professional?

Yes it can with the help of a touch-up kit but if the scratch is deep you need to hire a contractor to refinish the wood again

Can a scrape on a wooden floor render the floor unsalvageable?

No, it doesn’t; you just need to correct it right away to prevent further damage or an escalation.

How long does a wood floor scratch take to be fixed?

Minor scratches heal within 3 to 7 days. It is important to know that the deeper the scratch the longer it takes to heal. A larger and deeper scratch takes a maximum of 1 to 2 weeks or even longer to heal.

Are DIY techniques recommendable for fixing a scratch on a wood floor?

Yes DIY techniques are recommendable and advised to use only if the scratch is not deep but superficial; if it is deep, however, you will require the assistance of a professional contractor

How much time and money does it take a pro to repair a scratch on a wooden floor?

A wood floor can be refinished for less money than a new one. Home Advisor estimates that refinishing wood floors will cost $1,753, whereas replacing the wood would cost between $2,492 and $6,755.


Here is my recommendation, It is critical to begin by determining the type of finish on your floor. Is your finish made of oil or water? Do you have a wax finish? Is the wood stained or varnished? Is an aluminum oxide layer present? Knowing what the surface is composed of can help you begin your wood floor scratch repair.

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