15 Easy wood projects for kids At home 2023

Easy wood projects for kids At home
Easy wood projects for kids At home

Want to get your kids involved in Woodworking? Then you are in the right place. The following easy wood projects for kids are perfect for both kids and adults who want a fun way to spend an evening with the family.

These days, it’s not always easy to keep the kids entertained during the holidays, with all of their cousins, grandparents, and other relatives around them. 

That’s why you might want to consider getting some basic woodworking tools and materials together and helping them make some simple projects at home as they visit during the holidays. 

Woodworking is a great hobby that can be enjoyed by anyone, but it can also be a great activity for children. 

Some wood projects are simple and take only a few tools and kids will learn how to use the tools, how things are made, and see the end product of their work. 

What does a wood project mean?

A wood project is any kind of craft or art project that uses pieces of wood. Wood is a versatile material, and so many different types of crafts can be made with it. 

Kids can make anything from simple wooden toys to more advanced carving projects, depending on their skill level. 

One great thing about this type of activity is that there are so many different options available.

It’s also very inexpensive compared to other materials like clay or metal, which makes it a fun hobby for the whole family.

What is a good DIY project for a child?

The following list will show you the 15 easiest things to make from wood for your child’s next craft time or rainy day project that they can do all on their own with just a few materials.

  • DIY Wooden DIY Birdhouse
  • Wooden toy camera 
  • Homemade crayon holder
  • Wooden catapult – woodwork projects for kids
  • Homemade wood robot toy
  • DIY camping tent for kids 
  • DIY bookshelf
  • DIY rocket shelf – beginner woodworking projects for kids
  • Kids’ balance board 
  • Homemade board game storage
  • DIY kids’ workbench – woodshop projects for kids
  • Kids picnic table
  • Toothbrush holder 

    1. Wooden DIY Birdhouse for kids

    DIY birdhouse for kids
    DIY birdhouse for kids

    Wooden birdhouses are a great way to get your child involved with woodworking. 

    This is a project that is easy enough that even younger children can help make it by drilling holes for the dowels you need some basic tools like a saw and drill, and you’re ready to go.

    2. Bookends

    Diy wooden bookend for kids
    a DIY wooden bookend for kids

    This post features 15 fun and simple wood project ideas that will help your child learn how to use a saw, and the basics of hammering, sanding, and staining, and each project is accompanied by a detailed materials list and step-by-step instructions. 

    With these beginner-friendly projects, you’ll be able to introduce your little ones to the pleasures of working with their hands while also expanding their skills and knowledge.

    3. Picture frame

    DIY Picture frame for kids
    DIY Picture frame for kids

    This picture frame is a great way to get your child started on their first project. The materials are inexpensive and simple to find. The instructions are clear and the pictures make it easy for a child as young as 5 or 6 years old to complete this project independently.

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    4. Jewelry box

    DIY wooden Jewelry box for kids
    DIY wooden Jewelry box for kids

    With a little glue and paint, this elegant jewelry box is perfect for storing your prized possessions. It can be made out of any type of scrap wood you have lying around the house, so it’s a great project if you’re working with limited supplies.

    5. Storage box

    DIY wooden Storage box for kids
    DIY wooden Storage box for kids

    If you have a bunch of scrap wood laying around, this project is perfect for you. Simply cut pieces of scrap wood into various shapes and sizes, then drill holes into the top and bottom boards. 

    Then, put screws through the holes and attach the pieces together. Screw or nail on two handles on either side of the box. You can decorate your storage box with paint or markers!

    6. DIY Toolbox

    DIY wooden Toolbox for kids
    DIY wooden Toolbox for kids

    In order to make these projects, all you will need is a saw and a drill. Since some of the pieces are small, you may also want a set of clamps and screwdrivers on hand. 

    You can find most of these supplies at your local hardware store or online. 

    Start by measuring and cutting the boards into their appropriate sizes, then place them together as shown in the diagram above. Next, use screws to connect the bottom two pieces so that they form an X shape. 

    Then do the same thing with another piece which will be screwed from below and another piece screwed from above. 

    Also, ensure you place four more screws through both holes from either side and the toolbox should now be stable and ready for use.

    7. Cutting board

    DIY wooden Cutting board for kids
    DIY wooden Cutting board for kids

    Cutting boards are useful and can be made from many different types of material. They are a great project if you have some scrap pieces of wood lying around. 

    Cutting boards can be used as decoration, or they can serve a more practical purpose by cutting on your board instead of your countertop. 

    In order to make one, first cut the shape out of your piece of wood using a jigsaw or scroll saw.

    8. DIY Crayon Holder (homemade)

    wooden DIY Crayon Holder for kids
    wooden DIY Crayon Holder for kids

    Art is an excellent method for children to express their creativity and the majority of children like it. If your kid enjoys sketching, he most likely has a plethora of crayons laying about his room and bag.

    A homemade crayon holder may be a cool tool for tidying the kid’s room while also educating him to keep things organized.

    Only one crayon holder can contain all of your young artist’s crayons.

    9. DIY wood robot toy

    DIY wood robot toy for kids
    DIY wood robot toy for kids

    Every child does enjoy playing with toys. And your child is most likely no exception. You can go through a few simple steps to make a cute little robot toy for them.

    This project requires only a few wooden blocks, wood glue, a drill, polyurethane glue, and a few additional supplies depending on how you want to decorate it.

    The toy will keep your child engaged and busy for a long time.

    10. Wooden DIY camping tent for kids 

    Wooden DIY camping tent for kids 
    Wooden DIY camping tent for kids 

    Most children enjoy the idea of going camping. So, what could be better than providing your children with their own camping experience at home?

    A 1×2 wood piece and 3/4-inch-diameter dowels should get you started on the right foot. To create this woodworking project for your young campers, you will also need a drill, cloth, and ribbon.

    If you’re searching for a strategy to get your kids to spend more time alone in the garden, this DIY camping tent should do the trick.

    11. Wooden DIY rocket shelf for kids

    wooden DIY  rocket shelf for kids
    wooden DIY rocket shelf for kids

    Making a rocket shelf instead of a conventional shelf is one way to take the concept of a bookcase to a whole new level. This is ideal, especially if your child is interested in rockets and space science.

    Any art and science enthusiast should find the rocket shelf interesting. Because most children enjoy art and science, the rocket shelf will undoubtedly enchant them.

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    12.  Wooden DIY kids’ workbench

    Wooden DIY kids’ workbench
    Wooden DIY kids’ workbench

    Giving your children something to work with is one method to encourage them to utilize hand tools. A workbench, for example, might be a great method to inspire your children to take their woodworking more seriously.

    Do you want to nurture a woodworker from the start? Then a do-it-yourself kids’ workbench is a must-have.

    The bench will assist your aspiring woodworker in better organizing his woodworking equipment and learning to appreciate his craft.

    Encourage children to be creative both during and after the construction of the workbench by including them in the process. After ‘work,’ the kids may utilize the bench to play entertaining games of their choice.

    13. Coat rack

    Coat racks are a great way of keeping your hallway neat and tidy and you can also make your own coat rack by following the tutorial below. 

    First, cut holes on each side of the dowels, being careful not to drill too deep or go all the way through. 

    Place five hooks across the distance you measured from each end or how many will fit, with one end overhanging each side’s edge you can paint it if you wish and let it dry before hanging up your coats.

    14. Wooden DIY piggy bank for kids

    Wooden DIY piggy bank for kids
    Wooden DIY piggy bank for kids

    Few things will excite your children more than seeing a small piggy come to life from a scrap piece of a wooden block. It’s the ability to kill two birds with one stone.

    You teach the kids actual woodworking skills while simultaneously teaching them about money. To begin this project, you will need to sketch and cut out shapes on a scrap piece of wood.

    This is an excellent time to let your toddler help you draw the shapes. They will love expressing themselves through sketching.

    The shape may then be cut out and any incorrect angles corrected. Just make sure there is enough space in the center of the shape where the  money will go. 

    15. Wooden DIY bookshelf for kids

    Easy wood projects for kids
    Wooden DIY bookshelf for kids

    If you have a lot of books, toys, or other things that need a place to call their own, then building some shelves is the perfect project. 

    It’ll give your children a sense of accomplishment and make it easier to clean up after themselves, plus as they get older, they’ll be able to customize the look with paint or new decorations.

    What can a 5 year old build with wood?

    At five years old, they want to touch and experience a lot of things. This is the rightbtime to channel ever pouring energy onto something worthwhile. Here are some of examples of Woodworking Projects for 5 Year Olds

    • Interlocking Wooden discs
    • Chalkboard and Shelf
    • wooden DIY wand set
    • A Pencil Caddy
    • Scrap Bin Fun
    • Scrap Bin – Stacker
    • Golf Tee Projects

    Easy wood projects for kids Kit

    A Woodworking Kit is the perfect way to introduce your kids to the world of crafting and carpentry these kits come with everything they need, so all you have to do is provide supervision and answer any questions they may have. 

    About how Building projects for kids works

    Building projects are a great way to get kids away from their screens and back into the moment. Plus, they help teach the basics of science, engineering, and design. There are tons of simple building project ideas out there just waiting to be explored by your little ones some of them are:

    • 1. Water wheel  
    • Block tower
    • Treehouse
    • Bridge 
    • Birdhouse 
    • Camping shelter 
    • Lego baseplate 
    • Horseshoe 
    • Straw bale fort 
    • Paper airplane 

    1. Water wheel: To make this project, you’ll need to find an old bucket or a round plastic container that’s about three inches deep. Next, find two dowels (3/4 inch diameter works best) that are about four feet long each. 

    Drill a hole through the center of one dowel and place it inside the container with one end sticking up over the edge. Put both dowels together with glue or tape and mark where you want your first set of buckets to go on top of it.

    2. Block tower: Start by making a stack of blocks. You can use either large block on top before removing their final piece! 

    3. Treehouse: To make this project, you’ll need something to build around–something like branches or tree stumps.

    4. Bridge: Build a bridge out of popsicle sticks, toothpicks, spaghetti strands, or anything else you have lying around. 

    5. Birdhouse: Make your own birdhouses by cutting paper circles in half and stacking them onto the side of an object so that the pieces overlap horizontally and vertically. 

    6. Camping shelter: Use cardboard boxes to create these temporary shelters for sleepovers outside; have everyone create their own version with paint and markers as well.

    6. Camping shelter: Use cardboard boxes to create these temporary shelters for sleepovers outside; have everyone create their own version with paint and markers as well.

    7. Lego baseplate: A baseplate is a good starting point if your kids love legos, but don’t have many yet. All you need is a square surface- we recommend using cardboard and then arranging lego bricks on top. Be careful not to add too many so the plate doesn’t bend or snap.

    8. Horseshoe: To make a horseshoe, you need a strong piece of twine or string, along with nails that are about an inch long.

    9. Straw bale fort: The straw bale fort idea is perfect if your children like art and construction. This project will also let them learn more about animals as well because straw bales are often used in animal enclosures.  

    10. Paper airplane: Assembling a paper plane requires only a few materials: an envelope or sheet of rectangular origami paper, scissors, and adhesives such as glue or double-sided tape.


    What is a simple woodwork project?

    A simple woodwork project is a great way to keep your child or an older individual busy and entertained. 

    It can be done with simple tools and materials and some of the most popular types of woodwork are Wood carvings, wooden toys, and wooden puzzles.

    At what age can kids start woodworking?

    Woodworking is a great hobby that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, but it’s important to know how old you need to be. 

    For safety reasons and because some tools are more suited for adults than children, there are age limits on certain tasks or tools, also woodworking is a great way to teach your child many skills that they’ll use throughout their life.

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    White oak trees are a type of tree that can be found throughout North America. The leaves of the white oak are also called white oak leaves.
    A lot of people call these trees white oaks as well. White oak trees are usually big and strong, so people will want to cut these down if they need the wood.


    Making your own toys is a great way to spend time with your children. Plus, it can be tons of fun and doesn’t have to break the bank. Whether you make something they’ve never seen before or one of the simple wooden crafts mentioned above, they’ll have a blast.

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