21+ Best Boarding Schools in Indiana 2022 Ranking.

Boarding Schools in Indiana
Boarding Schools in Indiana

Best Boarding Schools in Indiana: For your child’s best education, most Boarding Schools in Indiana are quite better in comparison to the day schools.

This is because teachers in boarding schools in Indiana are always accessible to their students.
Also, boarding schools in Indiana have smaller class sizes which promote deeper interaction that makes learning easier.

Indiana is a state in the United States that is home to many prestigious private and public boarding schools. However, there is a requirement that you make your choice from the best among them.

Check out our list of the Best Boarding Schools in Indiana for 2022. These are either independent, co-educational, all-girls or all-boys institutions.

Students benefit from boarding schools in a variety of ways. As a result, selecting to attend a boarding school is the first step in what many people regard as a difficult decision. This is because the advantages of attending a boarding school pay off in the long run.

However, what distinguishes most Indiana boarding schools is the wide range of activities, programs, and opportunities given to students on a daily basis.

Going back in time, many of the world’s most successful leaders and influencers began their careers at a private boarding school. Former presidents, actors and actresses, prominent athletes, successful entrepreneurs, and other politicians are examples.

This is what prompted most Indiana boarding schools to offer opportunities to ensure that their students are excellent. A typical boarding student in Indiana takes advantage of this fantastic opportunity.

Enroll your child at one of the best boarding schools to obtain a more thorough grasp of modern-day boarding schools and the relative value of the boarding school experience.

But, before we get into the best boarding schools in Indiana, there are a few things you should know to help you make the best decision for your child. The table of contents below will give you a quick summary of what is included in this article.

Why Should I Choose Boarding Schools in Indiana for my kids?

If you are still asking why you should opt for a boarding school in Indiana. Then you are about to get an answer.

Here are some of the basic reasons why you should choose a boarding school in Indiana.

#1. Boarding schools in Indiana Provide Quality All-round Education.

Emphasis is laid on the all-around education. Apart from academics and exceptional classroom teachings, boarding schools in Indiana helps to build a child’s character.

The boarding school experience enables your child to develop soft and interpersonal skills that are quite expedient for life. A good example of skills learned is time management and independence.

Truly, the importance of these two in the growth process of a child cannot be overemphasized. Being able to be productive in life hinges on those two interpersonal skills.

#2. It Builds the Social life of your child positively.

Basically, another interesting reason to send your kids to boarding schools in Indiana is to build their social life.

Boarding schools in Indiana provide the opportunity for students to relate with their peer groups in a creative way.

This atmosphere helps them know the right way to manage people in different situations even while you are not there.

People management is an awesome skill everyone should learn because no man is an island.

#3. Boarding Schools in Indiana have Wonderful Teachers and Small Class Sizes.

Because boarding schools in Indiana have small class sizes, closer interaction and connection is inevitable.

In this setting, students can easily learn from teachers because they will certainly get all the individual attention they need.

#4. Boarding Schools in Indiana Thoroughly Prepare your Wards for College and University.

Interestingly Students who attend boarding schools in Indiana are known to be more prepared for College.

Based on research, boarding school students hope well in higher institutions than their other peers.

This is because boarding schools in Indiana do a good job of laying the right foundation.

How Much Do Boarding Schools in Indiana Cost?

I believe with all the benefits listed above boarding schools in Indiana should cost a reasonable amount.

If you want to know how much boarding schools in Indiana cost, then it’s advisable to check the tuition for each individual school.

However, According to Boarding School review, the boarding school with the highest cost in Indiana is the Culver Academies.

This private boarding school in Indiana has a tuition of $52,135. This means that other schools can possibly be lower than this cost.

Nevertheless, other costs such as books and feeding could be included in the tuition fee.

However, if you don’t have much money to pay for boarding schools in Indiana there’s still good news.

All you need to do is check with the school to know if they offer scholarships and financial aid.

What is the list of Best Boarding Schools in Indiana?

The list of Boarding Schools in Indiana is not quite numerous, but the available ones really stand out.

Most of them are for both boys and girls which means they are co-educational. While some are purely all-boys or all-girls boarding schools. However, there are also military boarding schools in Indiana.

The world study portal team has ranked the following schools based on factors such as the nature of the school, enrollment rate, and student-to-faculty ratio.

In addition to co-educational schools, we will also take a look at therapeutic boarding schools in Indiana.

Below is a list of co-educational boarding schools in Indiana.

  • Culver Academies
  • La Lumiere school
  • Marquette Catholic High School
  • Indiana Academy
  • Sacred Heart Apostolic School.

#1. Culver Academies

  • Nature of the school: Private
  • Enrollment rate: 65%
  • Student to Faculty Ratio: 6:1

Culver Academies is one of the best college-preparatory boarding schools in Indiana. It is for both boys and girls in grades 9-12.

Furthermore, it is made up of three entities which include Culver Military Academy for boys, Culver Girls Academy, and the Culver Summer School and Camps.

Located in Culver Indiana, Culver Academies has an awesome residential environment, which is made up of nine single dorms and barracks.

Interestingly, with an average class size of 14, the school has a student population of 832 enrolled boys and girls.

As far as this school is concerned, it provides the best whole-person education in the country. Be it in the classroom or on the athletic field or in residential life, students are prepared to become great leaders.

In addition, students also learn to teach and drive discussions through the darkness method. In so doing students find their voice and become active participants in the curriculum.

Therefore, for this reason, Culver Academies is one of the best boarding schools in Indiana and its principles remain unshaken.

When it comes to the cost of studying at Culver Academies, we can say the tuition is quite affordable.

This is because they have a high rate of financial assistance. Essentially, 35% of Culver Academies students receive financial aid and scholarships.

The tuition for the 2022 school year is $54,500 and $44,500 for boarding and day students respectively.

However, this does not include uniforms, books, and other fees.

But most importantly this school is accredited by the Independent Schools Association of the Central States (ISACS).

Lastly, Culver Academies is indeed one great boarding school in Indiana you can enroll your child.

#2. La Lumière school

  • Nature of the school: Private
  • Enrollment rate: 88%
  • Student to Faculty Ratio: 6:1

La Lumiere School is also located in Laporte Indiana. It is an independent co-educational boarding and day prep school in Indiana that accepts students in grades 9-12.

Interestingly, its students are known as Lakers and come from various places across the United States and around the world.

These boarding students are responsible, intellectually curious, and independent people. They are keen to know more than the traditional school has to offer.

One outstanding thing to note about La Lumiere school is that both its day and boarding programs offer rigorous academics.

Also, they provide innumerable opportunities for growth in self-awareness, confidence, ownership of personal experiences, and compassion. Furthermore, students opt for La Lumiere because they want to discover their full potential and become the best they can be.

Moreover, the school helps to challenge them to become better versions of themselves.

We can say the cost of studying in La Lumiere is quite affordable because of the rate of financial assistance available.

The 2022 Tuition fee for La Lumiere is $50,400 and $18,000 for Boarding and day students. Gratefully, tuition for boarding students covers the cost of full-time living on campus.

Also, La Lumiere School is also accredited by the Independent Schools Association of the Central States.

Finally, education in La Lumiere involves the formation of the entire person. Therefore the school is indeed a home away from home.

#3. Marquette Catholic High School.

  • Nature of the school: Private
  • Enrollment rate: %
  • Student to Faculty Ratio:11:1

Just as the name implies, Marquette Catholic High School is a private Catholic boarding school located in Michigan City, Indiana.

Currently, it has 240 students in grades 9-12, with a student ratio of 11:1. 98% of its students go on to attend a 4-year college after graduation. The tuition for the highest grade offered is $48,100.

However, this may be subject to change. Therefore kindly visit the school website for more information.

#4. Indiana Academy

  • Nature of the school: Private
  • Enrollment rate: 75%
  • Student to Faculty Ratio: 7:1

Basically, Indiana Academy is a highly rated boarding school in Indiana. It has a great residential environment for its gifted and talented students from across the state of Indiana.

Additionally, it is known for its outreach programs that help to enable and stimulate vitality in educational gifted students and teachers.

Most importantly, 65% of its students are given financial aid and scholarships. Lastly, Indiana Academy is accredited by the Indiana Department of Education as a Freeway School.

#5. Sacred Heart Apostolic School.

  • Nature of the school: Private
  • Enrollment rate: 78%
  • Student to Faculty Ratio: 6:1

Beautifully located in Rolling Prairie, Indiana, Sacred Heart Apostolic School is a Roman Catholic seminary for only boys.

Although it’s a Christian boarding school in Indiana for those who intend to become priests this school is still a great school.

It stands out for providing the best whole-person education in the country. Basically, only 35% of its students receive financial aid and scholarships.

Furthermore, this school has been accredited by Advanced Ed. and Praesidium as a safe environment for students.

Hence can be recommended for young men who want to become contributing leaders of society.

Military Boarding Schools in Indiana

You may be wondering if there are Military Boarding Schools in Indiana, The answer is Yes, Absolutely, there are many great military boarding schools in Indiana.

One of the main reasons students opt for a military boarding school is because it promises a better education and success in college and life.

Therefore if your child desires to pursue a military career in life, starting early to gain experience is worthwhile.

Nevertheless, no child should be forced to attend a military boarding school.

Because military training is quite hectic and rigorous, therefore not every child can cope with it.

Therefore you need to ensure your child has a passion for a military boarding school in Indiana before you enroll them.

Having said that, there are two wonderful military boarding schools in Indiana you can enroll your kids in They include;

  • Culver Military Academy
  • Howe Military School

#1. Culver Military Academy.

  • Student body type: Co-ed
  • Location: Culver, IN
  • Grade: 9-12

Culver Military Academy is a great college Preparatory school that uses Military models to train its cadets in practical leadership.

Amazingly, Culver Military Academy has been able to raise some of the nation’s top military leaders.

Founded in 1894, Culver Military Academy is one of the oldest private military schools in America.

It is for both boys and girls in grades 9-13. Here your kids are raised in a military atmosphere that instills leadership and accountability.

In addition, it empowers its students with unparalleled responsibility and authority, which helps to develop leaders of character. CMA focuses on academic, athletic, and extracurricular excellence.

In doing so, it prepares its students for college, military careers, and life in general. Indeed Culver Military Academy is a great military school to be in.

#2. Howe Military School

  • Student body type:
  • Location: Howe, IN
  • Grades: 7-12

This is another awesome military boarding school in Indiana that prepares students for college.

Located on 100 beautiful acres Northeast of Indiana, this school has a wonderful student-to-teacher ratio.

Therefore students receive special one-on-one attention from teachers. Hence a better connection and interaction promote active learning.

Howe Military School is a great place for training our future military leaders for college and life.

Therefore, if your child is interested in becoming a cadet, you can give Howe Military School boarding school in Indiana a try.

Having seen some of the military boarding schools in Indiana let’s go forward and answer some frequently asked questions about the best boarding schools in Indiana.

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Boarding Schools in Indiana.

Military boarding Schools in Indiana
Military boarding Schools in Indiana

Question #1. Are there Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Indiana

Yes, of course, there are a number of therapeutic boarding schools in Indiana. If you are in search of boarding schools in Indiana for troubled youths then these therapeutic boardings are right for you.

Therapeutic boarding schools are those specialized schools for troubled children to receive learning through a therapeutic approach.

These therapeutic approaches help to enable students to overcome their emotional and behavioral challenges.

Therefore, unlike traditional schools, therapeutic boarding schools in Indiana help to restore children mentally and emotionally using a holistic approach.

These best therapeutic boarding schools in Indiana are designed to help to struggle and troubled youths find happiness and success.

Therefore the boarding schools in Indiana for troubled youths listed here are well ranked in the state.

These boarding schools include;

  • Midwest Academy
  • Oaklawn
  • Havenwood Academy
  • Caribbean Mountain Academy
  • Compass Rose Academy

#1. Midwest Academy.

This is one of the best therapeutic boarding schools in Indiana. It is also considered a top boarding school in Indiana for troubled youths. It is known to serve children from grades 3-12 with high functioning autism.

Most importantly it is accredited by the Joint Commission and licensed by the state of Indiana Children’s Institution as a Psychiatric residential treatment facility.

Midwest Academy offers a therapy program by well-trained Dialectical Behavior therapists, and licensed educators.

These educators support students and help them to regain emotional control. Furthermore, this school also provides an impactful and engaging educational setting that aids the development of its students.

#2. Oaklawn, The Children Campus.

Oaklawn is a therapeutic boarding school in Indiana located in Northern Indiana. To It is a top provider of residential programs for troubled youths.

In addition, it provides services such as Psychiatric services, case management, and skill training, individual and group therapy.

Also, Oaklawn Provides Mental health and addiction treatment services to troubled youths of age 12- 18.

Above all, it is accredited by the Joint Commission and licensed by the Division of Mental Health and Addictions. Also, it obtained a license from the Indiana Department of child services.

If you have a youth that needs mental rehabilitation, then Oaklawn could be the school for you.

#3. Havenwood Academy

This is an awesome therapeutic boarding school in Indiana for troubled girls. It helps the troubled girl child overcome mental challenges and emotional issues.

Furthermore, Havenwood Academy provides a Serene environment that is full of care and has a history of success in therapy programs.

Indeed Havenwood has helped many troubled girls from Indiana and other states around the country. Furthermore, it is equipped with well-trained staff that gives quality care to its students, hence yielding a positive outcome.

Ask a result of this we can say that enrolling your troubled girl at Havenwood Academy would indeed be of great benefit.

#4. Caribbean Mountain Academy

Caribbean Mountain Academy is a good therapeutic boarding school in Indiana that brings a transformational change to its students.

It is a Christian boarding school in Indiana for troubled teens who struggle with academics and behavioral issues.

It is quite affordable and offers group individual and family counseling sessions to enable students to recover academically.

Lastly, Caribbean Mountain Academy could be the therapeutic boarding school you have been looking for.

#5. Compass Rose Academy

Compass Rose Academy is another good therapeutic boarding school in Indiana that helps to train troubled youths.

It is especially for teenage girls from age 14-18, struggling with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, self-harm, risky sexual behavior etc.

Furthermore, it is also a Christian organization that is committed to providing a nurturing environment for troubled girls.

Its tuition fee covers room, board, and academic activities for out-of-state students.

Question #2: What is the Cost of Boarding Schools in Indiana?

Boarding Schools in Indiana cost a little higher than day schools. This is because there are other expenses associated with living in a boarding school.

According to the Boarding School Review, the private school with the highest tuition in Indiana is Cu1lver Academies.

This school has a tuition of $52,135 which implies that other schools may be lower than this cost.


It is always right to make the best decision when it comes to choosing boarding schools for your child. This article on the best boarding schools in Indiana has been written, for this reason. We hope you find it useful in making the right decisions.


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