How to Ship Luggage


This is a comprehensive guide on how to ship luggage from one part of the world to another.

Navigating the complexities of shipping luggage can often feel like a daunting task, filled with potential pitfalls and uncertainties.

Whether you are relocating across the country for a new job, or are embarking on a trip, here is how to ship your luggage.

Even if you are simply sending bulky holiday gifts to loved ones, shipping luggage within the United States and abroad can feel like you are navigating a bureaucratic labyrinth.

This detailed guide from Daily Migrant will equip you with the knowledge and resources on how to ship luggage stress-free.

We will also be providing you with expert packing tips, selecting the right shipping method, and the importance of luggage insurance.

You can embark on your shipping journey with peace of mind. While knowing your belongings are in capable hands and ready to embark on their next adventure.

Methods on How to Ship Luggage


how to ship luggage

There are a variety of methods on how to ship luggage with each of them coming with its advantages and drawbacks.

Here’s a breakdown to help you choose the right method on how to ship luggage: 

Traditional Carriers

Traditional carriers such as UPS, FedEx, and DHL offer reliable door-to-door service.

They are also the perfect option for smaller shipments or time-sensitive items.

Be prepared for higher costs, especially for heavy packages. However, they are trustworthy and timely.

Freight Forwarders

These companies specialize in large shipments and offer competitive rates on bulky luggage.

They typically require dropping off your luggage at a terminal ready for pickup.

Luggage Shipping Specialists

Companies like LuggageToShip and Send My Bag cater specifically to luggage delivery.

These luggage shippers often offer convenient pick-up and drop-off options at competitive rates.

Bus Services

Companies like Greyhound offer an economy-friendly option for shipping luggage.

This is because they are particularly suitable for students or budget travelers.

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Top 10 Luggage Shipping Companies

how to ship luggage

Luggage, our trusty travel companions, holds more than just clothes They carry dreams, adventures, and the promise of new horizons.

But getting those beloved suitcases to their destination seamlessly can sometimes feel like a challenge.

Here are the top 10 luggage shipping companies you can trust. They are equipped to handle your precious cargo with expertise and care.


The reliable giant, UPS offers door-to-door convenience and a trusted network for smaller shipments and time-sensitive needs.

Enjoy competitive rates and express options, but be mindful of higher costs for heavier luggage.


Known for its global reach and efficiency, FedEx provides various options from economy to priority service.

Their secure network and tracking system offer peace of mind but keep in mind size and weight limitations.


The international champion, DHL excels at navigating borders and continents.

Their comprehensive services include customs clearance assistance and door-to-door delivery, though cost estimates might be higher.


The LuggageToShip understands your suitcases’ needs. Enjoy convenient pick-up and drop-off options, competitive rates, and student discounts.

Their expertise ensures your bags arrive safely, no matter the size or shape.


The international gurus, ShipGo simplifies global shipping with online quotes, user-friendly platforms, and competitive rates.

Their customer service shines, making them a breeze for first-time shippers.

Greyhound Package Express

The budget-friendly champion, Greyhound Package Express offers an economical solution for domestic shipping.

Embrace longer transit times and size limitations, but enjoy significant cost savings for those large suitcases.

Luggage Free

The white-glove concierge, Luggage Free pampers your luggage with door-to-door convenience and a personal touch.

They handle everything from the pick-up to customs clearance, ideal for luxury travel or priceless cargo.

Seven Seas Forwarding

The outsized specialists, Seven Seas Forwarders tackle oversized and complex shipments with ease.

Large luggage, musical instruments, and even sports equipment are met with expertise. Their international reach is perfect for intricate needs.


The student savior, SendMyBag offers backpack-friendly rates and global coverage.

Their online platform is user-friendly and their local partner network ensures smooth delivery in various countries.

Planet Forward

The eco-conscious choice, Planet Forward champions carbon-neutral shipping and recycled packaging.

Your travel adventures can align with environmental values, ensuring responsible luggage delivery.

With this list of diverse options and the right information, shipping your luggage becomes a seamless part of your journey.

Focus on creating unforgettable memories while your travel bags arrive safely, ready for your next adventure.

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How to Pack Your Luggage for Shipping

As you check for the different methods on how to ship luggage, you should also be mindful of how to pack.

No matter the shipping method you choose, proper packing is key. Here are some tips you can make use of on how to safely pack your luggage for shipping.

This is to ensure your luggage arrives safely and unharmed:

Invest in Sturdy Luggage Bags

Opt for hard-shell suitcases or reinforced soft-shell bags to protect your belongings from bumps and jostles.

Be Space Savvy

Clothes take up less space rolled tight, like sushi! Use this technique for t-shirts, pants, and even towels.

Organize and compress clothing into neat packages, maximizing space and minimizing wrinkles. Tuck socks and underwear inside shoes to fill dead space and protect their shape.

Fill gaps with belts, scarves, or other small items. Consider using vacuum bags for extra compression.

Luggage Protection

Wrap breakables in bubble wrap or clothing and place them in the center of your suitcase for cushioned support.

Pack liquids in leak-proof containers inside sealed zipper bags within sturdy pouches. Consider using travel-sized toiletries to minimize weight and risk.

Ensure zippers and latches are double-checked and secure. Consider adding TSA-approved locks for extra peace of mind.

Double-check Locks and Latches

Ensure all zippers and closures are secure before packing. Consider adding TSA-approved locks for extra security.

Label Everything Clearly

Print readable luggage tags with your name, address, and contact information on both the inside and outside of each bag.

Create a detailed list of everything you’ve packed, including valuables. This can be invaluable for both you and the shipping company in case of loss or damage.

Mark fragile items on the outside of your luggage for extra caution during handling.

Create a Packing List

This can be helpful for both you and the shipping company in case of loss or damage.

how to ship luggage


Bonus Tips on How to Pack Your Luggage
  • Remove valuables and essential documents from your luggage and carry them with you.
  • Take photos of your luggage before shipping for documentation purposes.
  • Familiarize yourself with the company’s shipping restrictions and prohibited items.
  • Be courteous and clear with shipping representatives when booking your service.
  • By following these expert tips, you can pack your luggage for shipping like a seasoned pro!

Remember, a little planning and organization go a long way in ensuring your belongings arrive safely and ready for your next adventure.

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Importance of Luggage Shipping Insurance

Imagine that you have carefully packed your bags, and chosen the perfect shipping method, and your luggage is on its way to its destination.

Suddenly, a nagging thought creeps in – what if something happens to it? That’s where luggage shipping insurance steps in.

It helps you to transform that worry into a comforting blanket of protection. Luggage insurance isn’t just about replacing lost or damaged belongings.

It’s about peace of mind, knowing that no matter the bumps on the road, your cherished items are covered.

Whether it’s a treasured family heirloom or that irreplaceable souvenir, insurance grants you the freedom to relax and truly enjoy your journey.

Most shipping companies offer basic insurance, but it’s like a safety net with wide holes.

Consider upgrading to comprehensive coverage to protect yourself against a broader spectrum of unforeseen circumstances.

What Luggage Insurance Covers

Here is a list of what a robust luggage insurance policy might cover:

Loss or Damage in Transit

Lost suitcases, misplaced bags, ripped zippers. Insurance helps navigate these frustrating situations and ensures compensation for your belongings.

Natural Disasters and Unforeseen Events

Floods, fires, and even volcanic eruptions while rare, can leave your luggage vulnerable. Insurance provides a safety net against these uncontrollable situations.

Theft and Burglary

Unfortunately, theft can occur even during shipping. Insurance provides crucial financial support in such cases, allowing you to focus on getting replacement items rather than financial burdens.

Delayed Delivery

Missed connections, logistical hiccups sometimes, your luggage arrives later than promised.

Insurance can compensate for extra expenses incurred due to delayed deliveries.

Think of luggage insurance as a small investment in a stress-free journey.

The cost is typically a fraction of the value of your belongings, and the peace of mind it provides is truly priceless.

Let luggage shipping insurance be your silent travel companion, providing the security and peace of mind you deserve to fully embrace your adventure.

Remember, unexpected setbacks happen, but with the right insurance, you can confidently navigate them and focus on creating lasting memories on your journey.

While most shipping companies offer some level of basic insurance, it’s crucial to understand the limitations.

You have to carefully consider purchasing additional coverage if the need arises. This is especially important for valuable items or fragile belongings.

How to Choose the Right Luggage Shipping Company

how to ship luggage

Searching for how to ship luggage shouldn’t be your only concern.

You should also take note of some important tips on how to select the right shipping method and company for your luggage.

Here are some of the tips on how to choose the right luggage company and method:

Cost Considerations

Shipping costs can vary significantly depending on the weight, size, distance, and chosen service.

Always compare quotes from different providers before making a decision. Look for discounts and promotions, especially during off-peak seasons.

Time Sensitivity

Be mindful of delivery times when choosing a shipping method.

Express options prioritize speed but at a higher cost, while slower methods might be more budget-friendly.

Ensure your chosen service arrives within your desired timeframe.


Several apps and online platforms can simplify the shipping process.

Compare quotes, schedule pick-ups, and track your shipment progress in real-time using these convenient tools.

Eco-friendly Shipping Options

Consider eco-friendly shipping options where available. Some companies offer carbon-neutral delivery or use recycled packaging materials.


Luggage shipping specialists or online platforms provide the easiest experience for luggage.

While carriers like UPS offer door-to-door convenience for any package.

Size and Weight

Be mindful of carrier limitations. Freight forwarders handle large items, while Greyhound has stricter size/weight restrictions.

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Embarking on your luggage shipping adventure can feel daunting.

However, with the right knowledge and resources from Daily Migrant, it can be a smooth and worry-free experience.

So pack your bags, and choose your method. Also, prepare for a seamless journey as your luggage safely traverses to its destination.

Remember, a little planning goes a long way in ensuring your precious belongings arrive at their destination safe and sound.

Now, go forth and explore, knowing your luggage is on its way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ship my luggage on a flight without flying?

Yes, you can ship your luggage on a flight without flying. However, luggage is usually shipped 1-2 days before the actual flight departure.

This allows the airline responsible for shipping your luggage to have enough time to prepare and transport your luggage to its destination.

What is the best way to ship luggage?

Parcel shipping through companies like UPS or FedEx is the best way to ship your luggage.

This is because they deliver your luggage directly to its destination.

How much does it cost to ship a piece of luggage?

The cost of shipping a luggage is dependent on the method used. You can pay between $50 or more to ship a bag.

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