10 Must-Have Google Travel Apps for Stress-Free Adventures


Whether you use an Android or Apple device, your app store has hundreds and thousands of Google travel apps. You can install the majority of them at no cost. Besides, they are accessible worldwide and resourceful in unimaginable ways.

But which one of these apps stands out and is more essential than the rest? Read on as we give exclusive information about each app and its respective features.

Here are the top ten Google travel apps you can download free of charge:


Developed by Tripadvisor, a travel guidance company headquartered in Needham, Massachusetts, you can plan and book trips on the Tripadvisor mobile app. It is open for free download on Android and iOS devices.

The app can let you know what to do, where to stay, and where to eat based on the guidance of past visitors. You can log on to the app to discover tourist attractions, find hotel deals, and make restaurant reservations.

Besides, you can organize and save travel ideas on the app. If you cancel your hotel booking for any reason, you won’t be charged any fee from your initial payment.

With over 100 million downloads on the Play Store, Tripadvisor is undoubtedly one of the best Google travel apps.


You can look for flight and hotel deals on the KAYAK mobile app, which is downloadable on iOS and Android devices. It is one of the top travel apps, allowing you to access your trip details on the go, even when you are offline.

On the KAYAK app, you can search numerous travel sites for the airfare that suits your budget. You will also receive automatic alerts about your flight status.

Furthermore, KAYAK can help you to find pet-friendly vacation rentals, as well as to book a hotel room. You can also use the app to find car rentals with a free cancellation policy.

In fact, you can set a budget and let KAYAK discover where in the world your money can afford



Google Travel Apps
Google Travel Apps

Airbnb, Inc., a vacation rental company based in San Francisco, CA, USA, can help you find a perfect place to stay at an affordable price. It serves more than 190 countries, including the United States.

Airbnb acts as a broker between you and the property owner. It charges a commission from each booking, which is its own profit. You can reserve short and long-term homestays, condos, and vacation homes on the app.

If you can’t find a price that matches your budget on the app, you can turn on Price Alerts to receive a notification when the price drops. Hence, you’ll never miss a deal.


If you need to book a hotel room, vacation home, flight, or airport transfer, Agoda can help you with your travel planning. It is one of the most popular Google travel apps with a wide selection of offerings.

On the Agoda app, you can get up to 50% off the best accommodation worldwide. You will also enjoy a discount as a new member.

So what’s keeping you waiting? Download Agoda now to start planning your trips and holidays.



Google Travel Apps
Google Travel Apps

You can kickstart your adventure on Traveloka, one of the top travel apps in Southeast Asia. It can help with transport and accommodation reservations. Besides, the app can suggest amazing destinations worldwide and several fun things to do upon arriving in the country.

Traveloka possesses domestic and international hotel partnerships. Right on the app, you will find reasonable deals from more than 1 million hotels worldwide. You can also access transport services, including flight ticket booking, airport transfer, and car rentals. Several flights are cheap on Traveloka, no matter where you want to visit.

In addition, Traveloka offers car rental services with or without a driver, depending on your preference. All the above services are available in most countries and regions, making Traveloka a recommendable travel app.


Whether you use an iPhone, iPad, Android-based phone, or tablet, you can download the TripIt app on your mobile device. It is a highly-rated trip planner and flight tracker with over 72,000 downloads on Google Play Store and a 4.5-star rating.

It has been featured on several news platforms, including Forbes, The New York Times, NBC, WALL STREET JOURNAL, and Travel + Leisure.

TripIt is best known for its ability to organize your travel plans and create master trip itineraries quickly.

Here’s a list of some other things you can do on the app:

  • Access your itinerary on an interactive map
  • Upload all documents relating to your trip
  • Set reminders and receive alerts so you won’t miss anything important


SaveTrip is also one of the top trip planner and travel apps available for free downloads on Google Play and Apple Store. It is easy to use and can help you with almost anything related to your trip.

You can use SaveTrip to create a travel itinerary and plan any trip, including road and family trips. It can also help to monitor your travel budget, as well as organize your flight and hotel reservations. Moreover, the app can pin places you intend to visit or have been on its integrated map.

Google Maps

You might be wondering why we included Google Maps among the must-have Google travel apps. We’ll let you know in a bit. If you love to travel or are a regular traveler, you should update the Google Maps app on your phone or tablet, as it can guide you throughout your trips to a foreign place. Even if you can’t find your way around, you won’t need to ask for help when you log on to the Google Maps app. It can recommend the restaurants, gas filling stations, cinemas, and tourist attractions around you. Interestingly, the app comes pre-installed on all Android mobile devices, and you can get it at no cost if you own an iPhone or iPad.

Besides, you can use your voice to interact with the app, so it speaks your language.


Whether you want to book a flight, train, bus, or ferry, you can download the Omio mobile app to get your tickets in the comfort of your home. It has more than 1,000 transport companies as its partners, including Air France, SNAV, DB AG, Delta Air Lines, Eurolines, SNCF, Renfe, easyJet, Amtrak, and Ryanair.

These companies serve numerous destinations in the US and Europe. Interestingly, you will save money and time booking your tickets through Omio. You can also compare prices to get the best deals.

If you refer your friends to the app, you and your referral will get €10 and discounts when you let Omio handle your travel ticketing.


With over 50 million downloads, Expedia is one of the most popular Google travel apps. If you want to plan your whole in one app, consider downloading Expedia, which is free.

It offers a wide selection of travel packages. Moreover, you can log on to the app to reserve your accommodation, flight, car rental, or cruise ship and explore fun things to do alone or with your friends.

Here are additional benefits and features of the Expedia app:

  • Travel planning feature powered by ChatGPT
  • Track flight prices and receive alerts
  • Earn rewards faster


FAQs On  Google Travel Apps

Does Google Have a Travel App?

Yes, Google’s own travel app for mobile devices is Google Maps. If you own an Android phone or tablet, you may only need to update the app, as it comes pre-installed on Android devices. You can use Google Maps whether you are walking, biking, or driving.

It has voice navigation, allowing you to hear traffic information, where to turn, and the best route to take.

How Does a Travel App Work?

A travel application helps its users to make accommodation and transport reservations in the comfort of their homes. Hence, you can book a hotel room, flight, cruise ship, ferry, train, or bus on a travel app, even at lower prices.

Which App Can I Use to Travel in Nigeria?

No matter if you are a Nigerian or a foreign national in Nigeria, you need to install a few travel apps on your phone or tablet. These include Bolt, Tripadvisor, and Hotels. ng, Booking.com, and Google Maps.

Which is the Most Downloaded Travel App?

Based on our findings, we realized that Booking.com is the most downloaded travel app for mobile devices. It has over 500M downloads on the Google Play Store.

What is the Largest Online Travel Website?

Booking.com. is the largest travel website in the world. It reports more than 1.5 million hotel reservations daily, with an average visit duration of 8:40 and a 32.64% bounce rate.

Does Google Maps Use GPS?

Yes, Google Maps apps for Android and Apple iOS need your mobile device’s GPS to function properly. You must also turn on your internet connection. Without them, you cannot access the Google Maps navigation system.

Do People Use Travel Apps?

Yes, travel apps have billions of users worldwide. As of 2022, these apps had over one billion users from different countries and territories.

What Do People Look For In A Travel App?

Android and Apple device users look out for travel apps that can make their trip planning and bookings seamless. These include its users’ reviews and promotional offers. Besides, a travel app should help locate tourist attractions, hotels, restaurants, local guides, car rentals, and nightlife spots.

It should also assist with your hotel and flight bookings. Above all, it must be user-friendly and have a highly secured payment gateway.


From helping you with flight and hotel bookings to trip planning, the Google travel apps mentioned above offer cheap prices you might not get elsewhere. These apps can also help you find your way upon arrival to the country. Overall, they are available in most countries and regions, if not all.

So why not install one of these apps now to start planning your trip? We’re sure you will be glad you discovered them quickly.

Thanks for reading!

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