How To Become An Independent Travel Agent


Having a thriving career as a travel agent and running your own agency,  is quite rewarding. This article from Daily Migrant is put together to show you the steps on how to become an independent travel agent.

Getting to call the shots and not working for a travel agency or company brings a lot of benefits to your career.  

If you love to travel and explore the world, you can also assist other people in creating good memories by planning their trips.

The tourism industry is evolving every day and there are many travel agents making a lot of money from doing what they love, planning trips.

Whether you already have a thriving career or are just starting out as a travel agent, you can be your own boss

Daily Migrant shares insights into the clear path on how to become an independent travel agent.

Who is an independent travel agent?

An independent travel agent is an individual whose primary job is to plan, book, and execute travel plans for clients.

As an independent travel agent, you own your personal business and do not work directly with a company or agency.

Independent travel agents can work from home or work from a small business space.

Generally, independent travel agents work for themselves, planning clients’ trips either for leisure or business.

The job description of an independent travel agent is not so different from those who work in larger tour companies. The major difference is usually in the capacity and working space.

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Responsibilities of an independent travel agent

The roles and responsibilities of an independent travel agent are diverse. They usually need to have great interpersonal skills in order to be able to fulfill their duties.

If you have an interest in setting up your own tour company soon, it is necessary to know what your clients expect.

Some of the common responsibilities of an independent travel agent include:

Travel bookings

As an independent travel agent, you have a primary duty of booking travel flights and other means of transportation. 

It also involves booking hotels for accommodations, visas, and other necessary things to ensure a comfortable trip for your clients.

Offering customer service

Travelers who are your clients will always have questions that require answers.

This becomes a part of your duty as a travel agent to make sure that your clients get the best customer service.

You have to give correct and timely responses to show that your business is credible and reliable.

Suggest holiday destinations

As an independent travel agent, you also have the task of suggesting destinations and areas of interest to your clients.

You can create a comprehensive list to show your clients if they make a request. This creates a form of close bond and continuous patronage from clients.

Marketing your services

Independent travel agents are responsible for promoting and marketing their services to prospects.

You are responsible for the outlook of your business and how to reach the target audience.

There are different marketing strategies you can make use of to ensure that your services are requested by the right clients.

Negotiating tour rates

As a travel agent, negotiating tour rates and other bookings such as accommodation prices is also your responsibility.

Clients have varying budgets, which means that you will have to work within their finances to give them the best possible travel plans at affordable prices.

How to become an independent travel agent

Becoming an independent travel agent is quite rewarding however, you must be ready to put in the necessary work to become successful.

Every year, there are millions of people traveling to different parts of the world and several people prefer to use the services of a travel agent.

As an independent travel agent, you can be able to work at your own pace and make more money.

You are also responsible for building your own brand and marketing your services to prospective clients.

So, if you have an interest in how to become an independent travel agent, the following are the steps to take to build a successful career:

Plan and have a clear vision

Becoming an independent travel agent may seem like a lot of work, however, with the right plans and preparations you are on your way to a booming career.

The first step towards building an independent travel agency is to have a clear vision.

Take time to deliberate on what services you want to offer, how to offer these services, and what is expected in the long term.

Clearly setting out your goals and being consistent will allow you to create a stable business.

Setting reasonable, achievable goals at the beginning of your business will help you stay motivated throughout your business years. 

Have a strong business plan to help you stay on target even during the low periods when there are not many travel sales.

Education and training

While a formal education is not always a requirement to become a travel agent, however, having an educational background in tourism, hospitality, or other related field can be beneficial to you.

Consider enrolling in travel and tourism courses or training programs to gain relevant knowledge and industry skills.

Obtaining an advanced educational qualification will set you apart from other travel agencies as the best.

Get certifications

Obtain relevant certifications to enhance your business credibility and stand out from the rest.

Common travel agent certifications you can consider include Certified Travel Associate (CTA), Certified Travel Counselor (CTC), and Travel Agent Proficiency (TAP).

Take your time to check with recognized industry associations for certification options and select one that suits your business.

Hone your skills

Most of the usual skills required involve having certain interpersonal skills and broad knowledge of the travel sector.

Choosing to hone and develop skills like good communication, attention to detail, and customer service, will help you provide better services to more customers.

You will also be able to get repeat customers and more referrals.

Gain experience

As an individual aspiring to become an independent travel agent, you may consider gaining some industry experience before venturing into your own personal business.

This can be achieved through internships, entry-level positions, or working for a while with an already-established travel agency or tour company.

Getting practical experience will enhance your understanding of the industry, and how it works and also enable you to build valuable connections.

Build a Network

Building a network of travel professionals, suppliers, and industry experts is important for your business.

To get these top connections, start by attending travel industry events, conferences, seminars, and workshops to expand your contacts.

There are also online travel communities and forums you can join to stay connected and learn from others in the industry.

Research the market

Another important step to undertake to become an independent travel agent is to conduct extensive research on the travel market.

This will assist you in understanding the industry, its competition, and other essentials of the business.

You will also be able to understand how to meet customers’ needs and solve problems that might arise from rendering your services.

In the course of your research, you can be able to identify the gap in the market and fill this to suit your own goal.

Identify local providers like restaurants, bars, hotels, and so on to build your partnership space.

Work with a host agency

Connecting with a bigger travel company as your host agency will assist you as an independent contractor to handle larger bookings and cover a wide range of services.

It is a common practice among independent travel agents to select a host agency.

They will help you to get and keep track of insurance policies, bookings, and other management problems you may be faced with.

You don’t lose your business or independence as a travel agent when you partner with larger agencies, you only get to widen your client base.

Join industry associations

To give credibility to your business, you may consider joining some of the industry travel associations.

Becoming a member of these associations will provide you access to a number of opportunities.

These can include networking, updates on industry trends, and other meaningful resources.

Some of the associations you can consider include the American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA), the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), and other relevant organizations.

Stay Informed

To continue your career path as an independent travel agent, you need to continuously educate yourself and stay informed on new travel trends, destinations, and changes in regulations.

You can stay up to date by attending travel events, workshops, webinars, and training sessions to enhance your knowledge.

Clients will always want new services and you should equip yourself to meet their requirements.

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How to market an independent travel agency

Every business needs the input of marketing to succeed and your travel agency also needs this to reach its target audience.

Effective digital marketing is necessary to advertise your services. Building a strong website with impressive designs and SEO-optimized content will increase your website visibility.

Also on your website, clearly state what services your agency offers including packages and readers’ guide.

Another way to market your agency is to have an active online presence on a number of social media platforms.

Most prospective clients will reach out to you through these platforms, therefore take time to showcase your services here.

Benefits of becoming an independent travel agent

There are so many benefits that come with you becoming an independent travel agent.

If you are passionate about traveling and also enjoy helping others plan their trips then you can successfully build your career.

Here are some benefits of pursuing a career as an independent travel agent:


As an independent travel agent, you can set your own schedule and work from various locations.

You also get to call the shots and plan your clients’ trips to suit their budget while promoting your services.

Whether you prefer working from home, in a co-working space, or while traveling, being independent and working as your own boss offers flexibility in managing your work-life balance.

Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Being an independent travel agent gives you the opportunity to build your own business and offer unique services.

You can do well by establishing your brand, setting your prices, and developing a particular niche to attract a specific clientele.

Diverse Income Streams

Independent travel agents can earn and increase their income through various channels and services.

These can include getting paid commissions on bookings, service fees, and other potential partnerships.

Creating multiple ways to increase your income streams will invariably contribute to allowing you to become financially stable.

Choice of Suppliers

Independent travel agents have the freedom to choose the kind of service providers and suppliers they want to work with.

This flexibility allows you to select suppliers that align with your business goals, ensuring that you provide quality services for your clients.

Industry Connections

Building your network and establishing relationships with travel suppliers, hotels, airlines, and other industry professionals becomes crucial. Independent travel agents have the freedom to nurture these connections based on their specific business needs.

Continuous Learning

The travel industry is dynamic, with new destinations, trends, and technologies emerging every day.

Being an independent travel agent allows you to stay informed. You can pursue an ongoing education to enhance your knowledge and stay competitive.

Building Client Relationships

As an independent travel agent, you can build direct relationships with your clients.

This direct interaction fosters trust and loyalty, leading to repeat business and referrals.

Overall it gives your business credibility and an edge over other businesses.

Passion for Travel

For individuals who are passionate about travel, working as an independent travel agent allows you to turn your passion into a fulfilling career.

Helping others explore the world in a comfortable and relaxing way can be incredibly rewarding.

It is important to note that while there are benefits you can enjoy from being an independent travel agent. It also requires some focus and motivation to succeed.

Successful independent travel agents often combine their love for travel with effective business strategies to excel.

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Embarking on a journey to become an independent travel agent is a rewarding career path. It is filled with lots of opportunities to explore the world.

You also get to help others create memorable experiences.

This comprehensive guide from Daily Migrant provides aspiring travel agents and those looking to start their own independent business with invaluable insights and step-by-step instructions.

Also in this guide, you will find some of the benefits of becoming an independent travel agent and the tools necessary to kickstart your career. 

From education and certifications to legal considerations and business planning, the guide equips you with how to thrive in the dynamic travel industry.

Turn your passion for travel into a fulfilling and successful career as an independent travel agent.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a travel agent and a travel agency?
Travel agents can either work for a travel agency or as an independent agent. These agencies provide travel agents with the necessary training and tools to offer travel services to clients. Most of these agencies usually have a larger number of agents working with them. 
What is the most important job of a travel agent?
A travel agent’s job is to help clients plan, choose, and arrange their trips and vacations. They usually work with the client’s budget and offer advice and opinions on destinations and other events and customs.
Do travel agents need IATA?
IATA is one of the most basic resources for a travel agent. For those who intend to book flights, this is done through the IATA portal. In order to book flights as a travel agent, you must be registered with IATA.


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