3 Month Certificate Programs That Will Pay You Well In 2022

3 month certification course training
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3-month courses online: Are you interested in short-term career training programs? yes, there are 3-month certification course training that can boost your career.

If you’re looking to start a new career, you can consider a certificate program. Certificate programs help you specialize in a single subject area and can be a quick form of training and accreditation.

There are some certificates that you can earn in less than a year that could help you in your career.

Nonetheless, some of these programs can be completed in 12 months or less, there are even certificate courses completed in 3 weeks.

In other words, short-term career training programs will earn you a certificate that is internationally recognized.

I know you are Interested! stay with me as I show you how…

This article brings you details on all you need to acquire a certificate in a short term. We bring you a guide on the top 3-month certificate programs you can take online.

Therefore, without further ado, let’s take you through a list that will aid you to make a choice.

Welcome aboard, Scholar!!!

Why Should I Go For 3 Month Online Courses?

Many factors and reasons make many scholars go for short-term career training programs. Of course, this includes the 2 month and 6-month certificate programs or courses.

Aside from the fact that most of them are Free Online Courses like the ones on Udemy, Coursera, and Edx.

Many other factors make them a viable option for most students. Here’s are some reasons to go for certification course training for 3 months or more;

#1. They Take a Short time to Complete.

Seriously, with the way the world is fashioned at the moment, 24 hours is no longer enough for the year.

This means spending a whopping 32,256 hours in 4 years to earn a certificate is kinda worth it but long.

Therefore, these 2, 3, or 6-month online certificate programs and courses are life-saving. Because they take a shorter time to complete.

Some can stretch up to 12 months.

#2. You Can earn well with Short Term Career Training Programs

Certificates from these short-term programs can earn you some cool bucks.

Now, if you consider any of these 3month certificate programs online, you might just have started a journey to change your financial state.

#3. 2 or 3 Month Courses and Trainings Adds to your Professional Training

If you’re already employed, you can earn yourself a promotion at the company by adding to your certificate by taking 2, 3 or 6 Month courses and programs.

Most mid-career professionals take some time to take these short term career training programs to increase their employability.

And keep them at the best pick for promotions.

Boosting their career prospects.

#4. 2 Month Courses helps in Career Switch


Let’s say for instance you studied engineering, and now you want to switch to a management career? these 3-months certificate courses will definitely put you on track to achieving your dreams.

Do you just switch?

Here’s what you can do!

Take online short-term courses that will give you a perspective on your new switch. This gives you ground during your application.

So, for those in need of a career switch, these 3 or 6-month certificate programs are a great start.

Whether online or not.

These and many more make short-term career training programs a viable option for many. In addition to that, you have time to know a lot about your chosen career path.

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Below you will find a list of the most short-term programs for your career enhancement.

3 Month Certificate Programs That Will Pay You Well In 2022

Are you ready to earn a certificate?

The courses below will offer you a certificate upon completion of the course in a few months. For the purpose of clarity, we have organized them into sections.

That will help you make a choice easily.

Some of the short term career training programs include;

Healthcare Sector

#1. Cardiac Monitor Technician

Duration: 3-6 months

Average Salary: $42,180 per year

This is a 3 to 6-month certificate online program that exposes students to the use of the Electrocardiogram.

While on this course, students will learn how to use the ECG, conduct stress tests, outpatient surveillance, and be able to interpret the results.

In addition, in this short-term career training program, the technicians will learn how to work under the guidance of doctors and cardiologists.

It is a very flexible program that gives the students the opportunity to work while studying and also take care of their families.

#2. Medical billing and Coding Specialist

Certification: 2 months

Average Salary: $39,180 per year

When there is a billing and insurance error, it comes with an expensive cost on the hospitals, patients, and insurance companies.

Usually, these errors come about as a result of incorrect or a fine diagnosis.

When such occurs, bills are brought to all who are concerned. Hence the reason why healthcare facilities and insurance bills are correctly processed.

This is achieved using specific sector codes to communicate procedures. Therefore attracting the need for medical coders.

Taking 2-month courses will prepare you to become a medical coding specialist.

#3. Phlebotomist

Duration: 2-6 months

Average Salary: $32,710 per year

Gaining a certificate in phlebotomy is possible via a 3-month online course. These 2 to 6 months certificate programs and courses will prepare you on how to take blood from patients and send it to the laboratories for tests and diagnosis.

Interestingly, you can become a certified Phlebotomist and still have many other career paths.

#4. Physical Therapy Assistant

Duration: 1 month

Average Salary: $45,290 per year

This is one of the short term career training programs that last for just one month. It prepares you to find a career opportunity to assist physical therapists. Also, you will get to help patients recover from their illness or injury.

Usually, you check your country’s licensing requirements before choosing this career path.

It is a good career that offers rapid education. The program and the certificate usually last between 1-3 months.

#5. Paramedic

Duration: 3 months

Average Salary: $32,670 per year

A paramedic’s major task is to help people. Basically, they’re trained to handle a very stressful environment. Paramedic courses are among the 3 month certification programs you can do online.

In this short term career program, students will learn how to stabilize patients, insert IV lines, and deliver babies. Also, they will learn how to treat fractures, administer oxygen, and do CPR.

This rhythmic career offers a level of excitement that is rarely found on the job market.

#6. Medical Assistant

Duration: 3-4 months

Average Salary: $31,540 per year

A medical assistant course is one of the best 3 month certificate programs you can acquire online.

In this 3 months online course, you will take courses that will build your knowledge on how to take the patient’s history, specific temperature, and perform administrative tasks.

However, this course is one of the jobs that will expose you to plenty of patients with a variety of germs. In that regard, we advise you to always practice safe hand washing techniques to avoid getting infected.

#7. Pharmacy Technician

Duration: 3-4 months

Average Salary: $30,920 per year

Here’s another 3 month certificate programs you can take online that pays well. And yes, being a Pharmacy Technician is a very marketable certificate in the healthcare sector today.

Your job in this career is to help people understand their medications by breaking down prescriptions so that they understand them properly.

It is your job to inform your customers about their medication, possible interactions, and side effects.

During your career, you can also help your clients find non-prescription drugs, such as vitamins and traditional medicines.

Earning a career certificate in this field opens you up to work in hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, prisons and etc.

#8. Home Health Aide

Duration: 1 week or more

Average Salary: $18,450 per year

Earn a valid certificate that can get you well-paying jobs in just one week. Being a home health aide is one of the most marketable short term career training programs that pay well.

At max, it will take you 75 hours to get certified. But sometimes it can take a few weeks to a few months depending on how much time you can commit to your study. There are generally time limits to home health aide courses.

#9. Emergency Medical Technician

Duration: 1-3 months

Average Salary: $32,000 per year

This 3 month certificate course trains students to respond quickly to emergencies. And responding here is within the hospital and regarding medical issues, traumatic injuries, and accident scenes.

3 Month Certificate Programs That Will Pay You Well In 2022
3 Month Certificate Programs That Will Pay You Well In 2022

IT Sector

#10. Cyber Systems Security

Duration: 3 months or more

Average Salary: $130,000 per year

Here’s is one of the quick certificate programs you can do within 3 months. Due to the increase of hackers in cyberspace, there is an increase in demand for cyber system security.

This certificate will earn you a well-paying job that will aid you to protect your employer’s data and infrastructure from attack.

We recommend this course for computer and cyber lovers.

#11. IT Certifications

Duration: 3 months or more

Average Salary: $100,000 per year

Whether it is RHEL, MCSE, CCNA, VMware, Java, etc. You can earn a certificate by just completing a 3 month courses in any of the fields.

With these short-term career training programs, you can earn big. And yes, this skill is in high demand today.

#12. Cloud Engineer

Duration: 3 months or more

Average Salary: $100,000 per year

Having an AWS certification, Azure will earn you a good chance of earning a well-paying salary. Becoming a cloud engineer is one of the most sorts after 3 month certificate online programs we recommend.

#13. Website Designing

Duration: 3 months or more

Average Salary: $40,000-70,000 per year

Although you can earn a certificate in 3 months for this career path, some of the website design courses can stretch to 6 months. These short-term career training programs will earn you a certificate that can land you a very good job.

Although a short-term program, it covers a large number of topics to make you a professional.

Other Fast 3 Month Online Certification Programs and Courses

#14. Electrician

Duration: 3 months or more

Average Salary: $52,720 per year

Although we recommend you going to a proper engineering school to earn this certificate, there are Short term career training programs to become an electrician.

This 3 month certification course training takes you on different courses that educate you on how to fix, install, and maintain electrical wires in homes and offices. They are also into the installation of monitoring systems, smart gadgets, cameras, and more. 

#15. Flight Attendant

Duration: 3 weeks or more

Average Salary: $48,500 per year

How would you like to water those cheeky wear and a broad smile saying “Welcome Aboard” on airplanes?

You smiling already!!!

Well, that’s possible if you take up these 3 month online courses. At the end of these short term career training programs, you will be able to get a job.

Guess what you will be doing?

Serving food, drinks, and assistance to airline passengers. And also that is an opportunity to fly all over the world. That’s epic!!!

But first, get certified!!!

#16. HVAC Technician

Duration: 3 months

Average salary: $23.39 per hour

HVAC actually means heating ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) technician. This 3 month program will take you through courses that will enlighten you on how to fix and install electrical systems.

#17. Truck driver

Duration: 3 months

Average salary: $27.70 per hour

In this 3 month certification course training, you will learn how to be an expert driving. Basically with the large trucks. It’s one of the 3 month online certification courses training you can do in 2022.

#18. Licensed real estate agent

Duration: 3 Months

Average salary: $42.24 per hour

Here you learn how to serve in a fiduciary duty to clients and uphold standards of quality and state and local regulations in housing.

Frequently Asked Questions About 3 Month Online Courses

Why Enroll in a Certificate Programs?

Even in fields where certification is not a full requirement, getting a certification can lead to more career opportunities. Here are some reasons why you should enroll;

  • It increases your income.
  • Certifications are the spice to your resume.
  • Also, it’s a measure of continuing education.
  • In addition, Certifications expand your Network.
  • Also, 3-month certification course training is a way to increase your job knowledge.

How Quickly Can Certification Be Earned For 3 Month Online Courses?

Some certificates can increase your pay and don’t require a large time investment. Certification programs range from as little as three months to longer than two years. The certifications you’ll learn about in this article can be achieved in 3-month certificate programs or 6-month certificate programs:

Therefore, you can earn a certificate in

  • Three-month certificate programs. Certificate programs that can be completed in three months are among the fastest paths to certification. These include professions like HVAC technician, web designer, and medical billing and coding specialist.
  • Six-month certificate programs. Some careers that you can certify in less than a year are brick mason, personal trainer, firefighter, and air traffic controller.

But the certifications in this piece, are Basically within the range stated above.

What are some quick certificate programs?

List of Quick Certificate Programs That Pay Well are:

  • Physical Therapy Assistant and Aide,
  • Web Development,
  • Phlebotomy Tech,
  • Surgical Technology,
  • Industrial Engineering Technology,
  • Electrician,
  • Flight Attendant,
  • Carpentry

What certifications can you get for free?

The free certification courses you can take online are:

  • HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification,
  • Alison’s Certification in Supervision Skills,
  • Advanced Google Analytics course.
  • FEMA certifications,
  • Coursera IBM Data Science Professional Certificate,
  • edX Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies program,
  • Google Ads Search Certification.

What certifications can I get in 3 months?

This Top careers with three-month certificate programs are:

  • Medical billing and coding specialist,
  • Web designer,
  • HVAC technician,
  • Truck driver,
  • Licensed real estate agent,
  • IT support,
  • Brick mason,
  • Personal trainer

Conclusion: 3 Month Certification Course Training

Having read through this piece, I believe you no longer have an excuse for going for that career path you long for.

Go through the list again and clink in the “Take the course link” and start your journey.

With any of these programs, you can get some cool bucks to your pocket.

Good luck!!!



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