How to Become a Travel Agent in Florida


Florida is one of the US states with good career prospects for travel agents. It has more than 9,500 persons working in the travel agency industry and is still in demand for travel agents. If you want to become a travel agent in Florida, this article will walk you through the easiest way. We will also let you know the requirements and the certifications to possess, as researched by Daily Migrant job experts.

No matter your level of education and experience, you can work as a travel agent in Florida, US, helping people plan their trips, obtain visas, and handle their bookings. Ensure you read this article to the end so you won’t miss any helpful information.

Let’s get rolling!

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A high-rise building in Florida

What are the Duties of a Travel Agent?

Travel agents have a diverse role in the travel industry. Here are their main responsibilities.

  • Providing advisory and consulting services on travel-related topics and issues
  • Booking travels and making reservations according to the client’s budget and preferences
  • Handling flight, hotel, cruises, car, and train bookings
  • Helping clients create travel itineraries
  • Informing clients on what the immigration officers will request at the port of entry
  • Assisting clients to choose from different travel packages
  • Helping clients with travel budgeting
  • Creating alternate plans in case the unexpected happens
  • Making clients know various health and safety protocols
  • Assisting clients in buying the best travel insurance
  • Enlighten clients on various travel documents, such as a valid passport, travel insurance, flight ticket, etc.
  • Recommending travel destinations and fun activities available in different places.

Who Do Travel Agents Work With?

Travel agents collaborate with some third parties, even though they are professionals. They work with airlines, hotels, and other vendors to help clients with travel-related needs.

Career Prospects for Travel Agents in Florida

Travel agents have good career prospects in Florida, USA. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projected their employment to grow up to 3% between 2022 and 2032. It also forecasted about 8,500 travel agency job openings in the United States during this period.

Average Salary of a Travel Agent in Florida

According to, travel agents make $32,240 yearly on average in Florida. If you are just starting your career as a travel agent, you will earn approximately $30,000 a year working in Florida, USA.

But if you are a highly experienced travel agent, you will make up to $45,000 yearly in FL, USA.

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What Do You Need To Be a Travel Agent in Florida?

Not everyone qualifies to work as a travel agent in FL. So read through the information below to be eligible to run a travel agency business or become a travel agent in Florida.

A travel agent discussing with a client - @Helena Lopes Pexels
A travel agent discussing with a client – @Helena Lopes Pexels

Formal education and training

Before anything else, consider earning a college diploma or Bachelor’s degree in travel, tourism, business, marketing, communications, hospitality, or a related field. Such qualification makes it easy for you to kick-start your career. We also recommend that you participate in a travel agent training program to enable you to learn more about working as a travel agent and the industry at large.

The training program lasts six to 12 weeks and costs at least $400, depending on the preferred course.

If you don’t want to enroll in a training program, you may work with a travel agency company for an on-the-job training opportunity. This option also allows you to build your skills, gain relevant work experience, and develop a professional network.

Travel agency certification

Even though a professional certification is not mandatory to work as a travel agent in Florida, possessing one can give your career a head start.

The following are some travel agency certifications you can use to work in Florida, USA:

ASTA Verified Travel Adviser (VTA) certification

As you want to enter the travel industry, an ASTA VTA certification will make it easy to kick-start your career. It offers top-notch training, enabling you to build your skill set, develop expertise, and become certified.

The American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA) certification

Two guys studying for a travel certification exam - @Monstera Production Pexels
Two guys studying for a travel certification exam – @Monstera Production Pexels

We recommend you obtain an ASTA certification before anyone else, as it is one of the best travel agency certifications in the US. It is the world’s trade association for the travel industry, with over 3,000 members across 120 countries.

This certification program will enable you to enhance your credentials, develop a more robust professional network, as well as provide your worthiness to your clients. An ASTA certification also offers an opportunity to improve your knowledge and skill set.

Elite Cruise Counselor (ECC) certification

If you have over two years of relevant work experience, you can register for the ECC certification with your college diploma or degree certificate. Note that you’ll have to take a written or oral exam before you can get this certification.

It is renewable yearly through Continuing Education Units (CEU).

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Master Cruise Counselor (MCC) certification

This travel agent certification has similar requirements to the ECC certification. You can enroll for both exams at The Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), whose address is below.

  • Address: 910 SE 17th Street, Suite 400, Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA.

Accredited Cruise Counselor (ACC) certification

Enrolling in this certification program requires an active CLIA Individual Agent Member (IAM). It takes two years to become an ACC-certified travel agent.

Like other certifications, you will have to renew your membership yearly to keep holding the certification.

Below are the eligibility criteria for CLIA Individual Agent Membership:

  • Your affiliated travel agency company must be an active CLIA Travel Agency Member.
  • Should generate at least $5,000 in total agency commissions from cruise bookings over the previous 12 months

Be aware that you can lose your membership if you go against the CLIA’s Code of Ethics and Terms and Conditions. You will also not get a refund if such happens.

Certified Cruise Counselor (CCC) certification

You also need to possess a CLIA IAM membership to register for the CCC travel agent certification. Unlike the ACC certification, it takes only 18 months to become CCC-certified.

International Air Transport Association (IATA) certification

Another opportunity to grow your career in the travel industry involves taking some supervised and unsupervised exams administered by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) courses. IATA is widely known globally, with industry excellence in each course.

FDACS travel agency licensing

You must register for the FDACS license to work as a travel agent in Florida. Failure to get the license attracts fines of up to $5,000. Its registration costs $300 and may attract additional fees.

Here are the registration requirements to become a licensed travel agent in Florida:

  • A filled-out registration form
  • A registration fee of $300
  • Evidence of assurance in the form of a surety bond whose value does not exceed $25,000. If you are applying for vacation certificates, the surety bond’s worth must be higher and not surpass $50,000.
  • Document submission fee of $100 (If you are getting vacation certificates)

Skills requirements

Travel agents must possess various skills to perform well in the industry. Here are ten (10) skills required to work as a travel agent in Florida, USA.

Customer service skills

As a travel agent, you must have good customer service skills to ensure all bookings and trips planned for clients suit their needs. Exceptional customer service skills will help you have repeat clients and positive feedback, which will aid your career in the travel agency industry.

Communication skills

You must also have outstanding communication skills to understand your client’s needs. Your communication skills also enable you to reach out to other travel agents to serve your clients better.

Computer literacy skills

This skill is essential to all aspiring travel agents in Florida and beyond. You must have basic computer skills to make travel itineraries and book hotels, flights, and other transports for your clients.

Your computer literacy skills also allow you to apply for your clients’ passports, visas, and other travel documents.

Interpersonal skills

You will be able to interact with your clients and business partners effectively with good interpersonal skills. If you think you are deficient in this skill, endeavor to develop it to understand your clients and their needs better.

Selling skills

You must have strong sales skills to convince potential clients to book flights, hotels, and travel with you. So you should be able to understand their travel needs and use persuasive techniques to win them.

Research skills

As you’re looking for how to become a travel agent in Florida, consider honing your research skills. Travel agents often need to do a lot of research about travel destinations, studying abroad, obtaining a work visa, and more.

Research is also mandatory to discover travel advisories for various destinations and how to stay safe if necessary.

Time management skills

If you are terrible at meeting deadlines, you must improve your time management skills, as it may disqualify you from becoming a travel agent. Thus, you should use your time wisely and efficiently without delaying clients’ trips.

Active listening skills

Excellent active listening skills involve being ready to listen to your client’s needs and give suitable feedback. You can prove that you’re listening to your clients through body language or asking questions.

Budgeting skills

While helping your clients develop their travel itinerary, you will have to create a budget for how they need to travel. These include determining their proof of funds or financial means.

Attention to detail skills

You must be detail-oriented to work as a travel agent in Florida or anywhere else. Hence, you should be able to concentrate and avoid errors while carrying out your job duties.

Remember to include these skills in your curriculum vitae and resume, provided you possess each.

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3 Steps On How To Become a Travel Agent in Florida

To become a travel agent in Florida, USA, take the steps below one after the other as curated by Daily Migrant:

Meet the education and training requirements

Before anything else, you must satisfy the education criteria to become a travel agency in Florida, USA. These include studying in a college or university for a diploma, Associate, Bachelor’s, or Master’s degree.

You can study in the United States or use a credential obtained overseas, provided your field of study is hospitality, tourism, business, liberal arts, or anything related.

Alternatively, you can become a travel agent in Florida by getting on-the-job training with a US-based travel agency company.

Get certified and licensed as a travel agency

Next, you may have to obtain a travel agency certification from an American trade association. You will need about $400 to enroll in the courses.

But to get the FDACS travel agency licensing, you must pay a non-refundable fee of $300 or $400, depending on whether you need vacation certificates.

Gain hands-on experience

At this time, consider working for a travel agency in Florida to acquire practical experience in an entry-level job. Such jobs will let you grow a network, enhance your skills, and gather relevant work experience.

Besides, you do not need work experience or a travel agency certification to qualify for these jobs.

Below are some questions your interviewer will likely ask you if you take the steps to become a travel agent.

10 Travel Agency Interview Questions and Answers

If you prefer to kick-start your travel agency career working in a company, the following are some questions to expect during your screening interview. We will also provide tips on answering them.

A travel agency job interview - @Tima Miroshnichenko Pexels
A travel agency job interview – @Tima Miroshnichenko Pexels

Q- What motivated you to become a travel agent?

A- The Human Resource (HR) manager or interviewer may ask this question to know more about your personality and career goals. A perfect answer to this question is to discuss your passion for travel, educational background, and personal anecdote.

Q- What inspires you most to succeed in the travel agency industry?

A- If asked this question during a travel agency job interview, we recommend that you talk about your customer service skills and passion for travel.

Q- What would you watch out for in a vacation package for your clients?

A- This interview question is usually asked to discover your listening and selling skills. You need to possess strong selling skills to work as a travel agent anywhere in the world, including Florida.

Q- What does outstanding customer service mean to you?

A- Answer this question by describing your commitment to satisfying your customers on every occasion.

Q- Do you have any certifications?

A- This question requires you to discuss your professional certifications relevant to the travel agency industry. Examples include Elite Cruise Counselor certification, ASTA Verified Travel Adviser certification, TIDS certification, and Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) certification.

Q- What questions would you ask a walk-in client?

A- The interviewer might ask you this question to discover how well you can attend to walk-in clients. Answer by saying you will first ask your clients, ‘What can I better serve your travel needs?’.

A- Describe how you intend to stay current with the industry’s trends by reading news and publications, attending events, and through mentorship.

Q- Describe a time you had to work under pressure.

A- This interview question evaluates your ability to work under stress and problem-solving skills, as travel agents need these skills to solve problems quickly. We also advise you to answer this question using the STAR method.

Q- What is your greatest challenge working in travel?

A- When asked this question, you need to talk about the biggest challenge you’ve faced in the travel industry and how you overcame it.

Q- Are you experienced in the travel industry?

A- This question checks your expertise working as a travel agent. So, if you are well-versed in the industry, do not hesitate to discuss it.


FAQs about How to Become a Travel Agent in Florida

How much is a travel agent license in Florida?

The cost of a travel agent license varies in Florida, ranges from $300 to $400, and is payable to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS). The fee is mandatory for all Sellers of Travel and Business Services in Florida unless exempt.

FDACS registration costs $300, while vacation certificates require you to pay an additional $100.

How do travel agents make money in Florida?

Travel agents’ primary source of income in Florida, US, is the commissions received for helping clients to book travel packages, flights, hotels, cruises, rental cars, etc. They also make money from the consultation and service fees paid by clients.

How much does it cost to become a travel agent in Florida?

The cost of becoming a travel agent in Florida varies depending on your plans. Here are some fees you might incur in advance:

  • Program costs (Bachelor’s or Master’s program): Range from $25,000 to $35,000
  • Travel agency certification: About $400


Having discovered how to become a travel agent in Florida, do not hesitate to take the above steps without any exceptions. You can also help others by sharing this post by Daily Migrant on various social media platforms.

Whether you choose to work independently or with a travel agency, we are sure you would enjoy doing your job in Florida and get many benefits.

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