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We at Daily Migrant have put together this article featuring the top 10 travel inn motels in the USA. Designed with retro-styled ambiance, these motels offer modern amenities for maximum satisfaction and pleasure.

Traveling is one of the ways to have fun, visit new places, and see the world from a different view and there are several travel inn motels you can lodge, especially when you are vacationing in the USA and in search of where to lodge.

The best way you can unwind and take a rest after taking a tour on your trip is to find a perfect place to stay. If you are planning a trip overseas and in doubt about where to lodge away from the city’s hustle, the motels in this article are your best bet. Here are the top 10 travel inn motels in the USA you can stay in with guaranteed comfort.

10 Travel Inn Motels in the USA

You can relax and enjoy a variety of activities while on vacation in these travel inn motels and these travel inn motels are family and pet-friendly, allowing you to have fun throughout your stay. Let’s take a look at these motels and their services to ensure a comfortable stay:

Skyview Los Alamos, California

The Skyview motel is located on five hilltop acres just on the roadside. It guarantees maximum comfort and satisfaction for guests. Designed with modern furnishings, Skyview Motel offers top-notch amenities. The motel contains 33 guest rooms equipped with basic amenities.


These include air conditioners, comfort beds, Italian bedding, flat-screen televisions, Wi-Fi internet, Nespresso machines, and lots more.

Guests have the option to dine in a fine setting at The Norman restaurant and bar in Skyview. The restaurant offers delicious food with country roots throughout the day and it also offers guests classic cocktails with vintage American spirits and tasty wine.


Wigwam Motel Holbrook, Arizona

Wigwam Motel is located in an environment that allows travelers to go back in time. The Travel Inn Motel is visible on Route 66 in Wigwam village. It is one of the historical landmarks of the area. Since the motel was built in the 1950s, it has been renovated to offer more modern amenities.

The Wigwam Motel has 15 wigwams with a fine display of vintage cars parked outside the motel. Guests can take a ride in them.

Children and adults can enjoy the bliss of sleeping inside wigwams. It has enough space for a larger family or group of friends. Wigwam motel charges from $99 to $105 per night, depending on the type of wigwam and the amenities it offers.

Stonewall Motor Lodge Stonewall, Texas

Stonewall Motor Lodge is an old motel built in 1964 as a space to accommodate Secret Service agents and reporters. Nowadays, the lodge serves as a motel and welcomes any type of guests.

It has been renovated and equipped with modern amenities and furnishings to attract more guests. Stonewall Motor Lodge has 12 rooms in ground-level rooms, four private cabins, and five RV sites on its three-acre property.

There is a rooftop where guests can relax at the end of the day with a cold drink. Stonewall Motor Lodge is surrounded by breweries, distilleries, restaurants, and over 75 wineries. This travel inn motel surely gives off a unique vintage vibe and it is accessible by travelers on the roadside.

In each room of the motel, there is a Keurig and coffee and there is a self-service coffee station just in the lounge where guests can serve themselves. The Weinheimer & Sons store down the road is within walking distance and it is also a great place to get all you need.

The Thunderbird Inn Savannah, Georgia

The Thunderbird Inn gives its guests the opportunity to go back to memory lane and appreciate the times past. This roadside motel was originally built in 1964 and now, it does not look like its old self. The motel gives off a modern vibe and comfort.

It comes with basic facilities and other necessary amenities to attract guests from all walks of life. Thunderbird Inn uses solar energy and also has an EV charging station and water conservation amongst other things.

With 42 guest rooms, Thunderbird Inn surely makes its guests welcome and comfortable. You will find comfortable beds and bedding, Wi-Fi, internet, and other amenities to enhance your stay in the motel.

To round up their package, Thunderbird Inn provides free snacks for guests all through their stay. Thunderbird Inn is a pet-friendly motel that allows pet owners to bring in their pets throughout their stay. This makes Thunderbird Inn one of the best travel inn motels in the USA.

The Local – St. Augustine St. Augustine, Florida

The Local – St. Augustine is located within walking distance of St Augustine Amphitheater, downtown the historic St. Augustine, and it is also in close proximity to Salt Run. The motel is also a close distance from St. Augustine beach, taking a bike ride would get you to the motel faster. This travel inn motel, which was formerly known as St.

Augustine Motel was built in the 1950s. However, it was bought, modernized, and renamed by its new owners to The Local – St. Augustine. This motel makes use of a keyless entry and the Virdee app, where guests can check in and out by themselves.

It also comes with 20 air-conditioned guest rooms designed in a retro style with tropical settings and themes. In each of the guest rooms, you will find a refrigerator, microwave, safe, and television. The Local – St. Augustine offers a unique charm and its hospitality is top-notch.

Its rooms do not allow smoking and there is a clean swimming pool where guests can relax and have fun. Guests can earn free nights through the stash rewards offered by the motel. Guests are guaranteed a convenient stay and fun experience at The Local – St. Augustine.

Roadrunner Lodge Tucumcari, New Mexico

Roadrunner Lodge located in Tucumcari, New Mexico in the USA won the award for the best roadside motel in 2021 after its remodeling. Like every other modern motel, Roadrunner Lodge has some of the best facilities. The Roadrunner Lodge offers top-notch services and accommodation for guests.

Initially built in the 1960s, Roadrunner Lodge is located on Route 66. It blends with both modern and mid-century styles to create a perfect ambiance and a masterpiece.

Each of the guest rooms in Roadrunner Lodge is equipped with free Wi-Fi internet, HD television, comfortable bedding, air conditioners, and luxury toiletries. The hotel is dog-friendly and has a clean space where the pets can play and run around.

The Sunset Motel Brevard, North Carolina

The Sunset Motel Brevard is located 250 meters from South Broad Park and it is in close proximity to O P Taylor’s Toy Store. Brevard College is also a walking distance from the motel, including the Transylvania Heritage Museum, the Brevard Music Center, and Crystal Mountain Gem Mine. These places are about 10 minutes walking distance from the motel. The Asheville Regional Airport is only about 35 km from The Sunset Motel, making it very accessible to guests.

For comfort after a tiring day out, Sunset Motel is a nice place to stay and relax. The motel offers basic modern amenities like Wi-Fi, cable television, comfortable bedding, and so on.

There are also relaxation spots outside where guests can unwind and interact with each other. You can enjoy Delhi delicacies from the restaurant and other delicious cuisines. The Sunset Motel Brevard allows pets to stay and there is also free car parking space made available for guests.

Wildwood Inn Tropical Dome and Theme Suites, Kentucky

Designed with an African-style theme motel, Wildwood Inn Tropical Dome and Theme Suites are built for comfort. Its designs include huts, vintage rooms, and other facilities to take guests back to their African roots.

This motel houses 13 uniquely themed suites which include the Grand Canyon, Treehouse, Rome, and Vintage Cars suites, and 14 family-style suites. The motel also offers pet-friendly rooms, allowing guests to bring their pets on vacation.

In close proximity to the motel are the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, Newport Aquarium, Creation Museum, Florence Mall, The Cincinnati Zoo, and Noah’s Ark, as well as the Florence Ya’ll Water Tower.


Among the amenities provided by Wildwood Inn, include continental breakfast, Wi-Fi, internet, spas, massage centers, heated pools and there are also game rooms for kids, a tropical dome, and waterfalls in this travel inn motel. Designed like a mini African village, the guest rooms provide a premium experience and long-lasting memories.

The L Motel, Flagstaff, Arizona

The L Motel travel inn motel trails off historic Route 66 and it is in close proximity to Northern Arizona University and Downtown Flagstaff. Other attractions within walking distance from The L Motel are the Lowell Observatory and the Arizona Snow Bowl ski area.

This motel offers a variety of amenities to enhance guests’ lodging. Some of these include free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, cable TV, refrigerators, coffee or tea makers, infant cribs, and lots more.

There are infant cribs and children’s beds in the family rooms to accommodate families with little children.

There are several shopping centers close to the motel providing guests with all they need for their convenience. All rooms in the motel are non-smoking and they are affordable for everyone.

The Red Caboose Motel, Philadelphia

The Red Caboose Motel, located in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, offers a unique ambiance and experience for guests. Guests can take a ride in its historic train cars and cabooses.

Furthermore, guests can visit the zoo within the motel’s environment, and enjoy buggy rides while dining in the motel’s restaurants.

Guests can have maximum fun throughout their stay in the motel with various activities put in place. The Red Caboose Motel also prioritizes the safety and enjoyment of kids, providing a safe place for them to play and have fun. Amenities available for guests to enjoy include free Wi-Fi, car parking, air-conditioned rooms, cable TV, and many more.


In Conclusion,

These top 10 travel inn motels in the USA as highlighted in this article on Daily Migrant offer a diverse range of experiences and fun for travelers.

From the variety of modern amenities and retro charm to the historic motels, there is something unique to suit everyone’s taste. Among the motels are also those that provide a vintage vibe paired with modern conveniences.

The Thunderbird Inn in Georgia takes guests on a trip down memory lane with eco-friendly practices and offers fun activities and lodging.

The Wigwam Motel creates a unique setting to take guests back in time, while The Local – St. Augustine in Florida brings a tropical and retro-themed style to life. In 2021, Roadrunner Lodge in New Mexico became the USA’s best roadside motel. It offers a blend of modern and mid-century styles all for comfort.

The Sunset Motel in North Carolina offers a convenient and comfortable stay in a scenic location. Wildwood Inn in Kentucky transports guests to an African-style experience with its uniquely themed suites.

These motels in the USA cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences and this also makes the motels an excellent choice for those seeking to make their trip even more memorable and fun. If you have an interest in historical items, unique themes, or modern comfort, these Travel Inn Motels in the USA have something unique and fun to offer every traveler.

FAQs  On The Top 10 Travel Inn Motel in the USA

Q: What sets these top 10 travel inn motels in the USA apart from regular accommodations?
A: These travel inn motels offer a unique blend of retro charm with modern amenities, providing guests with a distinctive and enjoyable experience.

Q: Are these motels suitable for families with pets?
A: Yes, many of these motels are family and pet-friendly, ensuring that both you and your furry friends can have a great time during your stay.

Q: Do these motels offer a variety of activities for guests?
A: Absolutely! Many of these motels provide not only comfortable lodging but also fun activities and experiences, ensuring that your trip is both comfortable and entertaining.

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