How to Get Cheap Hotels When you Travel


This is a comprehensive guide on how to get cheap hotels when you travel.

Traveling is a delight that rejuvenates the soul, broadens horizons, and creates lasting memories.

Yet, the accommodation cost can substantially influence the travel experience for many wanderers. Fear not, even if you are working on a tight budget.

This guide from Daily Migrant is your key to unlocking the secrets of securing affordable and comfortable hotel stays.

While allowing you to stretch your travel budget without compromising quality and comfort.

How to Get Cheap Hotels

Comfort is essential both when you are at home or on a journey. You can get cheap hotels when you travel without spending over your budget in several ways.

Here are ways to get cheap hotels on your trip:

Consider Traveling Off-Peak Seasons

To save on accommodation costs while on your trip, you can consider traveling during off-peak seasons.

This is usually when the demand for accommodations is lower than at other times of the year. Hotel prices tend to drop during these periods, allowing you to snag fantastic deals.

Off-peak seasons are when there are no festivities or the need for people to travel in and out of the state or country.
Another way to get cheap flights is by booking at the last minute. Contrary to common belief, last-minute bookings can be a money-saving strategy.

Hotels may offer discounted rates to fill up vacant rooms, especially if your travel plans are flexible. It is also easy to get deals at these times without spending over your budget.

Loyalty Programs and Memberships

Many hotel chains offer loyalty programs that you can consider if you search for cheap flights.

Some hotels provide discounts, room upgrades, and even free nights after accumulating several stays.

You can sign up for these programs to maximize the benefits of cheap hotels.

Another way you can get cheap hotels is by joining hotel booking platforms.

Members often gain access to exclusive deals and discounts unavailable to the general public.

Sign up with your preferred hotels and join for their membership benefits.

Compare Hotel Prices

Consider using various hotel aggregator websites to get cheap hotels when you travel.

These websites assist you and other users by compiling information from various booking platforms.

This allows you to compare prices easily and choose the most economical option.

After getting a suitable hotel for your needs, you can contact the hotel directly through online platforms.

Sometimes, they may offer you a better rate than what is available online, especially if you inquire about discounts or package deals.

You must call the hotel to confirm your bookings.

Flexible Accommodation Options

One of the ways to get cheap hotels is by exploring alternative lodging options. These alternatives may include hostels, guesthouses, or vacation rentals.

There are platforms like Airbnb that often provide cost-effective alternatives to traditional hotels.

Consider extended-stay hotels, like shortlets, especially if your travel plans are more extended. These establishments often offer reduced nightly rates for longer stays.

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Package Deals and Bundles

Searching for package deals that combine flights and hotel accommodations is a perfect way to get cheap hotels when you travel.

Booking your hotel accommodation and flights together can result in significant savings compared to booking them separately.

All-Inclusive Packages


Their all-inclusive packages may offer better value for money, accommodation, and meals for specific travel destinations.

They may sometimes even offer other activities combined into a single package.

Stay Outside the Main Tourist Areas

Consider staying in neighborhoods slightly away from the main tourist areas.

Accommodations in these areas may be more budget-friendly while providing public transportation access.

Consult locals or travel forums for recommendations on affordable and charming neighborhoods that may not be on the typical tourist radar.

Social Media and Flash Sales

Hotels often announce flash sales, exclusive discounts, or promotional codes on social media platforms.

Keep an eye on their pages for these limited-time offers.

Subscribe to newsletters from hotel booking platforms and travel agencies.

These subscriptions can grant you early access to special promotions and discounts.

Government and Membership Discounts

If you’re a government employee, military personnel, or a member of specific organizations, inquire about discounts available.

Senior citizens and students are often eligible for special rates. Remember to mention your status when booking and inquire about any available discounts.

Cashback and Rewards Credit Cards

Utilize credit cards that offer cashback or rewards for travel-related expenses.

Accumulate points through your everyday spending and redeem them for discounted or complimentary hotel stays.

Before booking, check cashback platforms that partner with hotel booking websites.

Earn cashback on your accommodation expenses, effectively reducing your overall travel costs.

Read Reviews and Assess the Value

While cost is crucial, consider the overall value for money. Review reviews to ensure the accommodation meets your expectations of cleanliness, safety, and amenities.

Sometimes, lower-star-rated hotels offer excellent services and facilities.

Don’t solely rely on star ratings; delve into customer reviews for a more accurate representation.

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How To Get Cheap Accommodation When Traveling

When planning to travel abroad or vacation, getting suitable accommodation is usually one of the biggest challenges.

Not getting the suitable accommodation that suits your budget may also drain your budget.

We will show you how to get cheap accommodation when you travel abroad and save money.


Hotels are the most popular travel accommodation for many travelers. You can get hotels tailored to your needs depending on your needs and travel budget.

With the Internet, you can book your hotel accommodations in advance and cancel at any time.

You also get to compare Hotel Prices before you travel to get the best suitable for your needs and budget.

You might also get deals on hotel comparison websites like, where you can search for the cheapest hotel prices and book ahead.


How to Get Cheap Hotels When you Travel

If you consider getting cheap hotels, you might consider staying in hostels.

Staying at this type of accommodation will allow you to save on cost, and it is perfect for those on a tight budget. Hostels offer cheaper prices compared to hotels.

They are affordable and have basic amenities and facilities to make you comfortable.

Hostels are popular travel accommodations in countries like Thailand, where they may charge as little as $3 per night.

Hostels are a favorite spot for many tourists searching to reduce accommodation costs.

Staying With Friends or Family

You may consider staying with friends if you are searching for cheap hotels and ways to cut back on some costs.

If you have families or friends living abroad, you can contact them to stay over for a while during your vacation.
Staying with someone you know is an excellent way to save costs and share memories with loved ones.

You will also save money on other things like food and transportation.


How to Get Cheap Hotels When you Travel

Airbnb is one of the most popular ways to book cheap accommodation when on a trip.

You can choose from options like single rooms, flats, houses and castles.

You can find many places that offer Airbnb to stay in your desired tourist locations in different parts of the world.

Airbnb can be pretty expensive if you have no one to share the cost with you. However, you can split the cost if you travel as a couple or with family and friends.

It will also be a cheaper alternative than getting hotels when you travel.

You will also enjoy extra benefits, including having the extra comfort of a whole accommodation and kitchen facilities.

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Depending on the country you want to visit, you could take a sleeping bag, pillow, and tent, which you can buy very cheaply online or in a range of shops.

Many countries have professional campsites where you can stay cheaply; this is popular during summer in countries like France and New Zealand.

Wild camping is also increasing in popularity, and you could also pitch up on the side of a road, beach, or field and stay for free.

Buy or Rent a Campervan

If you are considering traveling around Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, then a popular option is to travel by campervan.

You can buy a second-hand van for cheap or just rent one, which can be a fraction of the price of traditional accommodation. If you have a friend or partner you share with, this will bring the overall price down.

Home Exchanges

If you are considering staying away for more than a few days, you might want to consider another option: renting a room, apartment, flat, or house overseas.

Flat and house-sitting websites have been set up so you can stay in a place while the owners are away.

With a website like Home Exchange, you browse properties you like, get in touch with the owners, and see if they would like to swap, meaning you get free accommodation for the duration of your stay.

Other websites provide access to a list of empty rooms, and you can sign up to rent a space.

These options are probably our top recommendation if you are working abroad or traveling for an extended period with your family, but they might be worth considering anyway.

Short Term Rentals

There has been a massive rise in short-term rentals as an alternative and popular accommodation.

The best thing is that it can work out much cheaper than a hotel.

Websites like Airbnb allow you to search for short-term rental accommodation worldwide. offers affordable homestays for people of all ages. Every home has a host present; they do more than hand over keys.

They’re real people bringing real homestay experiences to life.

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In Conclusion,

In the realm of travel, finding cheap hotels and accommodations requires planning.

By employing a combination of these strategic tips offered by Daily Migrant, you can save a lot of money.

Using these tips, which include good timing, loyalty programs, flexibility, and savvy online searching, you can unveil a world of cost-effective hotel options.

Remember, the money saved on accommodation can be redirected towards creating unforgettable experiences during your journey. Happy travels!

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The cheapest days of the week to book hotels are usually Fridays and Saturdays. You will get the best hotel rates on these days when most people are traveling.
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