Top 10 Best Travel Blogs in the United States


In this well-researched article by Daily Migrant, we’ll explore some of the best travel blogs in the United States that you can visit whenever you need destination guides and travel tips. Whether you want to travel solo or go on a family vacation, these blogs will be resourceful while planning your trip to the US.

The US is a country in North America, well known for several places and attractions. It comprises 50 states, sharing land and sea borders with many countries, including Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Bahamas, and Russia. The USA is renowned as the world’s third-largest country. It is also the most populous country in the Americas and the third most populous in the world.

A travel blog provides both written and audio-visual resources you should check out before leaving your country for the US. It would help if you did not miss out the security advice, backpacking ideas, tourist attractions, and insider travel tips that these blogs provides.

Read on as we explore the most famous travel bloggers in the US and briefly overview what their website offers.

Visit The USA

Top 10 Best Travel Blogs in the United States
Top 10 Best Travel Blogs in the United States

Log on to to discover attractions, shopping malls, and anywhere else in the United States. It is the official travel site of the US, with guidelines and recommendations helpful in spending your holiday and traveling around America.

The blog has a wide range of exclusive travel information to help you with your itinerary. It has articles on visa & entry, transportation, accommodations, attractions & tours, communications & technology, health & safety, and accessible travel.

You will also learn more about the USA’s Visa Waiver Program (VWP) and determine your eligibility from the blog. Visit The USA has an edge over other travel sites, as every one of its posts is from an official source.

Expert Vagabond


Top 10 Best Travel Blogs in the United States
Top 10 Best Travel Blogs in the United States

Expert Vagabond is an adventure and travel photography blog run by Matthew Karsten. Matt is a digital nomad who has been exploring the world for over a decade. He shares various travel tips and his personal experiences traveling worldwide.

If you are wanderlust or are looking for motivation to become adventurous, Expert Vagabond has several inspirational stories, photos, and budget travel tips that you’ll need. It has a long list of travel resources about the top travel security tips, saving money for travel, picking a travel backpack, and more.

Besides, the blog offers advice on living a nomadic lifestyle and recommends plenty of outdoor adventures you should try out in the United States.

Matt also has a YouTube channel where you will find numerous fun videos relating to travel and adventures.

The Broke Backpacker

Top 10 Best Travel Blogs in the United States
Top 10 Best Travel Blogs in the United States

No matter which part of the US you want to visit, The Broke Backpacker can help you with your budget travel plans. It is an adventure travel blog founded by a traveler and entrepreneur, Will Hatton. He has vast experience with budget travel, having explored different countries and world regions for more than ten years without breaking the bank.

His blog, The Broke Backpacker, has a vast collection of resourceful information to let you travel and stay abroad for as low as $10 daily. You will find several tips, tricks, and insider secrets to spend less on your vacations without compromising on the fun things you’ve loved.

In addition, The Broke Backpacker reviews some products you might need while preparing for your adventure. Such products include backpacks, bike-packing tents, carry-on bags, down jackets, and sleeping bags.

Nomadic Matt

Top 10 Best Travel Blogs in the United States
Top 10 Best Travel Blogs in the United States

Aimed at helping people to travel smarter, cheaper, and longer, Nomadic Matt offers numerous travel tips and destination ideas. It is a travel site founded by an American blogger, Matthew Kepnes, in 2008.

His information and advice have helped hundreds and thousands of people to answer their travel-related questions. Whether you need a guide to getting free flights or are looking for the best travel companies, you should visit Nomadic Matt and see. All these and others come at no cost. Besides, you can access anytime and from anywhere.

His travel advice has been featured in The New York Times, BBC, Lonely Planet, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, The Guardian, and The Washington Post.

Wandering Earl

Wandering Earl

Another good travel blog is Wandering Earl, run by Derek Earl Baron. He is also the founder of Wandering Earl Tours, a tour company based in North Palm Beach, Florida, US. Derek has visited over 133 countries and spent over 8100 days on the road.

He has been traveling nonstop for more than 20 years. Besides, Derek works online and runs his blog, sharing his travel experiences and providing updates from his decades of constant travel.

Wandering Earl’s blog has been featured on several renowned platforms, including The New York Times, CNN, USA TODAY, THE HUFFINGTON POST, NatGeo Traveler, and TRAVELCON. You can also register on his blog to receive newsletters in your email and join his 22,000+ subscribers.

Loving New York

Loving New York

If your intended visit to the United States is to explore New York, Loving New York is your ultimate guide. It has insider tips, tricks, and personal recommendations you can read free of charge.

The blog also comprises a Pass Savings Calculator, a Sightseeing Pass comparison, and a 7-Day New York Itinerary. You will get help finding where to go, what to avoid, where to eat, as well as what to see with honest reviews. No matter whether you want to visit NY in summer or fall, Loving New York has all your travel information needs.

American Travel Blogger

American Travel Blogger

On this travel blog, you will find practically anything you seek as a wanderlust person. Victoria, a British woman in her 30s, owns The American Travel Blogger, where she provides tips and travel advice needed to explore the United States and other destinations worldwide. It is more resourceful in planning trips for solo travelers.

The blog’s founder, Victoria, traveled to over 50 countries in her 20s, of which most of her trips were solo. She lived in London, England, before moving to the US.

Her blog talks about everything she loves about America, from its cities, attractions, and restaurants. Victoria also shares all her experiences living in the US, which gives you an insider’s perspective.


Top 10 Best Travel Blogs in the United States

From helping to find adventure destinations in the USA to providing a travel guide, the Travelistia blog is your go-to. It is a well-known travel blog founded by Michael James, a professional travel writer, blogger, photographer, and wanderlust.

His blog offers helpful travel tips and articles from experts and people living in America. You will also see expert reviews about underrated and popular travel destinations in the United States.

In addition, Travelistia shows the latest travel news around the globe. The blog can guide you with your trips within the US and enable you to discover new horizons quickly.

Embrace Someplace

Y Travel Blog
Top 10 Best Travel Blogs in the United States

Visit Embrace Someplace to plan your trip easily to the US, particularly if you want to explore Portland, Oregon. It’s a new travel blog owned by Antonina, a Portland-born travel blogger. When you visit the website, you will find nothing but an insider’s information and recommendations.

Antonina has written articles reviewing each attraction and national park in Portland. She had visited these places with her husband, Will. Over time, they took their tours internationally and explored 13 countries.

Y Travel Blog

Y Travel Blog

This website has a long-standing history, as its founders have over 20 years of global travel experience. It is a family travel blog run by a couple and their two daughters, who have gathered vast insights traveling within and outside the United States.

Y Travel Blog provides professional tips and destination advice, especially on road trips. It offers guidance on the most fun things to do in the United States, alongside insightful information on road trips and travel costs.

You will discover several attractions and experiences in the US that you’d like, as well as travel ideas for winter and fall. Furthermore, Y Travel Blog has many videos telling you what to expect upon arriving in the US.


FAQS about Travel Blogs

Who is the Most Popular Travel Blogger?

Matthew Kepnes is the most famous travel blogger in the United States and beyond. He founded his blog,, in 2008 to advise on traveling at lesser costs to more places. His articles have been featured on BBC, CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Guardian, and WSJ.

Who is the Highest Paid Travel Blogger?

Matthew Kepnes, owner of, is the highest-paid travel blogger with an organic search traffic of about 475.3K monthly. He makes more than $4,000 per month based on Daily Migrant’s rough estimates.

Do People Read Travel Blogs?

Yes, many people rely on travel blogs to plan their trips and vacations overseas. In fact, a significant number of blogs focus on this niche, with over 100,000 visitors per month.

How Do Travel Blogs Work?

Travel blogs are websites with information and guides on backpacking, adventure travel, solo travel, budget travel, luxury travel, and anything related to trip planning. They are usually run by people who love to travel and adventure worldwide.


Our experts at Daily Migrant curate the travel blogs mentioned above after comprehensive research. Whether you are looking for articles with travel tips or informative videos, these blogs have vast resources to help plan your trip to the US.

So why not check out these websites now and read insider tips on where to go and things to do in the United States? Remember that it is free to access a travel blog anywhere and anytime.

Don’t hesitate to comment below and let others learn from this post by sharing!

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